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Custom Business Note Cards—Why Didn’t We Think of That?

Custom-Business-Holiday-CardsOne of Cardphile’s best selling business holiday cards this past year allowed you to share your holiday wishes while showing clients who you are and what you do.

Our Office Triptych design allows you to customize the design with three of your own photographs – and many of you went to town. Some of you included team photos, and some of you went for product photos, or pictures of your office. From there, Cardphile did the color correction, coordinated border colors based on photo color, added little seasonal touches & logos on request, and—Voila! Great, custom business holiday cards ensued that helped you promote your brand while spreading holiday cheer.

Well, from the category of “Why didn’t we think of that?” came a great request from Jennifer W. a couple of weeks ago:

Could we modify their custom Christmas cards by removing the seasonal design elements and text, so they could use it for business thank you cards and congratulation notes all year long?Well, of course we could – and what a smart idea for a couple of reasons:

First, they had already invested a little bit of time and money in finding photos and setting up the original design, and we were more than happy to make the minor design changes that Jennifer was requesting for no charge at all.

Customizable Thank You Cards for Your Business Communications
Your Photos, Your Personalization

Second, keeping the original photos, while modifying other elements of the design, allowed them to continue to spotlight their brand and find ways to re-connect with clients and prospects throughout the year.

Developing a consistent brand image for all your business greetings is a great idea, and Jennifer gets the credit for this one! (We have a little thank you gift headed your way, Jennifer – hope you enjoy 😉

What have you learned from your customers so far this year?

Holiday Photo Cards Wood Frame Blue 3973

Holiday Photo Cards Wood Frame Blue 3973 A fabulous frame for your favorite photo.

Celebrate the season in fine style when you design a greeting with your favorite image.  Send personalized holiday photo cards like this one with a wood frame in trusty blue tone. Your recipient will first get an eyeful of your beautiful photo, then the heartfelt wish of “Merry Christmas.” She’ll know exactly who sent such a charming note by your company’s name typeset right under the greeting. We call it ‘sending smiles,’ and it’s at the very core of our work here at Cardphile.

Your Creativity, Our Support

We’ve been developing our selection for 30 years with your business in mind. We offer original designs to suit any taste or aesthetic, and in any color scheme. If jolly red is your thing, look no further. If you prefer true blue or mirthful green, surely you’ll find a card front that inspires you. All of our cards are customizable. You’ll choose from a number of elements for the interior of your card, from the verse itself to the typeface and ink color and more. You can add elements like signatures, a photo, or your logo. You can also choose pre-printed envelopes. (every order comes with free blank envelopes) Your personal greeting built from our gallery, and sure to make a memorable impression on your clients and associates, friends & family.

Of course we’ve pushed our service one step further for that truly one-of-a-kind message for the festive season. Our selection of holiday photo cards will complement any image, whether you prefer a look that’s modern or understated, or fun and festive. In just a few clicks, an email or two, and maybe a phone chat, you’ll transform one of your favorite pieces of photography into holiday photo cards they’ll remember. Our production consultants are on-hand looking forward to collaborating. At Cardphile, we’re Making Business Personal Again.

Business Holiday Cards Star Burst 3889

Business Holiday Cards Star Burst 3889 Shades of grey with pretty white points of light come together for a modern holiday.

Dynamic Yet Understated Business Holiday Cards

An exciting and white-hot stylized star burst on a sturdy but soft slate grey background edge toward the finely typeset message of “Happy Holidays.” One of our new favorites, this image bespeaks sophistication of design, reliability of character, and just plain moxie. These business holiday cards reflect your goodwill as well as your good taste.

Many Ways To Make That Connection

We have 30 years’ experience in marketing and business communications, and a design collection to match! In addition to many customizable holiday greetings, we also have buildable stationery to suit your needs. The impression made by a real card that can be held in the hand, passed around the office and displayed on a credenza or bulletin board can’t be matched by an e-card. Clicking is joyless. We do it everyday, multiple times. Opening a card is tactile and special—a little moment of joy, like finding the prize in the candy box.

Business Photo Cards

These cards put your photography front and center for a truly unique greeting, whether it’s an endearing image of the office staff in Santa hats, a shot of your team’s finest achievement(s) for the year, or a winterized image of your office’s entryway.

Calendar Cards

Any of our holiday designs can be made into a handsome calendar that includes your company’s information. They mail just like a standard card, and keep your contact info on hand all year long.

Business Thank You Cards/Logo Note Cards

These elegant little cards are nice to have on hand to show your appreciation, include with a delivery, or to just drop a friendly howdy-do.

We’re ready to help you build your perfect greeting. At Cardphile, we’re making business personal again.

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There’s Nothing Worse Than Bad Business Cards.

Need Professional Business Cards, Click Here
Professional looking business cards are a marketing must.

There are many things you can learn about a company by their business cards; identity, clarity and corporate image to name a few.

Nothing says you mean business more than an awesome business card. Cards that really work are the ones which need no introduction. The recipient knows what the company does before they are introduced and a lasting impression has been successfully set.

As a member of the design profession, I have a personal interest in how firms and individuals handle this. I’m not obsessed, but close. I have two groups of cards that I have been collecting—the great, well designed & printed business cards and the… not so great. Within a small circle, my collection has become known as my reference library, my house of cards! When the opportunity arises, I also like to track the progress a company is making over time. Although business cards are just a small piece of paper, they also seem to function as a corporate weather vane.

High quality business cards represent your firm when you’re no longer in the room – don’t let them say the wrong things about you!

Generally speaking, when times are tough, a lot of companies seem to cut back in the wrong areas. Nothing screams that your business is in trouble like cutting back on the quality of your business cards. That’s the equivalent of telling your staff that every day is casual Friday.

Recently, I had a meeting with representatives of a large corporation. The interesting thing about the meeting was that not only had they scaled back on their business card printing quality but on the paper quality as well since the last time we met. This struck me as odd, because “quality” was part of  their core mission statement. One could assume that this was probably a good example of someone within the organization looking for places to cut costs and thinking that targeting the business cards was a good option. Shortly after the meeting, the company publicly announced that they were in the middle of a reorganization and cut-backs. Because of their size, the cost “savings” realized by choosing flimsier business card stock and cheaper printing probably amounted to a somewhat substantial savings on one level. However, on another level, it telegraphed trouble and probably wasn’t the impression their front line sales people wanted to leave with their clients.

For fun, I’ve compiled a list of the Bottom 10, painfully obvious, business card infractions.

 Each one on the list has been well represented in my pile of memorable business cards – but for the wrong reasons.

1. Dog eared.
2. Thin paper.
3. Dirty.
4. Raised thermal printing—usually in black ink.
5. Your name written on someone else’s card.
6. More fonts used than on a ransom note.
7. Cliché clip art.
8. More text and contact information than a phone book—if you’re old enough to remember them.
9. Not using the second side for clear branding.
10. Random graphics that don’t support your brand or type of business.

So don’t do any of that. Send your business card files to Cardphile and we’ll make sure you end up with high quality, printed business cards that look great at a price that won’t hurt. (Online business card ordering available here in April.)

What are your business card pet peeves? Let us know what you like – we listen!

Corporate Logo Note Card Classic Sage 3692

Corporate Logo Note Card Classic Sage 3692

Our corporate logo note cards have become a classic with many Cardphile customers, and are an essential item in their client communications toolbox. Free personalization with your logo and company name on the front is included, and this version sports elegant, sage colored, gradient bands on the sides.

Our custom note cards fold to 4 1/8″x5.5″, and are just the right size for a short, hand written note inside. Once you’ve personalized your cards, optional return address printing is available from the cart. (blank announcement envelopes are included at no charge – ready for presentation or mailing)

Don’t want your logo included? Just leave that image block empty in the online editor. Conversely,  if you don’t want your company name written on the card front (perhaps it’s already included in your logo), then simply delete the “your company name” text from the editor block. Click on the “View PDF” button at the top of the online editor to download a preview of your snazzy custom note cards! Questions? Just give us a call at 1.800.774.5857 (PST) or contact us and we’ll get right back to you.


Thanks Enough Note Card 3661

Thanks Enough Note Card 3661

Our thank you cards fold to 4 1/8″x5.5″, and are just the right size for a short, hand written note inside. Optional return address printing for your envelopes is available from the cart. (blank announcement envelopes are included at no charge – ready for presentation or mailing)

Customize Business Holiday Cards Online

It’s fun and puts you in control of your own business holiday card layout destiny! You get to show us what you want, and we take care of all the little production details to ensure that your business Christmas cards are well “dressed” and ready to make the right impression on clients, vendors and friends.

Step 1: Choose your favorite card design for this year, select your card stock and quantity, then just click Personalize. (see screen shots below) Remember – DO NOT use your browser’s “back” or “forward” buttons to re-edit or you will lose your work. You can use the “re-edit” button in your cart or just delete that product from the cart and start over if you change your mind.


Step 2: From the Designs menu on the right, double click on the option you want. You can choose from a menu of pre-written verses, you can write your own greeting, or you can choose from our spiffy illuminated verses!


Step 3: Select and edit your text, then click just click “Approve” and your finished design will be added to your shopping cart. From there, you can choose to personalize your envelopes too, or add a logo setup to your cart. (We’ll set that up for you if we have it on file, or you can email your logo to us with your order number noted in the email.)


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Thank-You Cards and the Magical Power of Stamps

“The best way to cheer yourself up is to try to cheer somebody else up.”
—Mark Twain

That’s what thank-you cards do, they brighten someone’s day. The little bit of effort that goes into choosing an image and sentiment, and signing your name, then dropping it in a box for delivery by a real, live person—that act of putting a paper card in someone’s hand is always appreciated. And postage stamps get them there. A simple sticker—a little work of art—sends your card or letter along its journey to your recipient. Think about it. For just a few cents, your personally written holiday greeting card or thank you card can travel up to thousands of miles until it settles nicely into the hand of your recipient. And all that without any extra baggage fees. There’s a reason this method of communication has been around for centuries.

Here and now in the digital age, we’ve noticed that the elements of a mailed greeting card can be made that much more special with just a small amount of effort:

Neither snow nor rain nor gloom of night...
It’s not a white owl, but it works just as well.
  • Stamps come in many designs and genres—from historical, to whimsical, to literary—even inspiring.
  • Hand addressing your envelope with a quality ink pen gives it an elegant touch.
  • You can have fun with the return address, using those pre-printed labels we all get from our insurance companies, or a rubber stamp—and you can return address it on the back or the front, depending on your personal preference.
  • Envelope seals are also a nice addition, and they work equally well with pointy-flapped envelopes as well as square flap announcement style envelopes.
  • Of course, this is all before you even get to the card itself!

Gold Scroll Foil Envelope Seals 2299

Whose day will you make today? At Cardphile, we think it’s time to make business personal again. So we’re now shipping all 2016 corporate holiday card orders with a beautiful thank you card printed on our elegant “ART” cardstock. It comes with a stamped envelope, ready to go—to make someone, somewhere feel appreciated. Join the movement – make someone’s day better, and be sure to tell us how you used it!

Read our earlier post for 3 tips on writing business thank you notes. Don’t worry, we’ll keep you looking professional. Oh, and don’t forget the seal!

Coming soon: teaching your millennial the art of mailing a letter. (we know it sounds like satire, but it’s not)

Charity Christmas Holiday Cards for Kids Program

If you would like to make an additional donation to Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, please click on this Make a Donation link or call 503-220-8341. Make a Donation today, and then come back to order cards – thank you!

Card-Packages-DBK    Custom-Cards-DBK Donation-Cards-DBK




For questions or to order, call toll free: 1-800-774-5857, or just click on a category above to place your order online. (Please call to place your order for Donation Cards!)

For 24 years, Cards for Kids has been an annual fundraiser for OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital, organized and produced by Friends of Doernbecher volunteers. The program transforms artwork collected from Doernbecher patients, siblings and professional artists into classic cards for the holiday season.

All Cards for Kids proceeds benefit Friends of Doernbecher fundraising priorities.

Cardphile is very pleased to be supporting OHSU Doernbecher Children’s Hospital agin this year, and we have 3 ways for you to shop:

  • Standard card packages – 12 cards (any single design), 13 envelopes
  • Customized cards – perfect for adding your family or company name to the greeting inside the card
  • Donation cards – any design, 1 card + 1 envelope: $10 donation

*Please note, promotional discounts are not valid with any Doernbecher Cards for Kids selections.

Click on the “Shop Now” buttons above to place your order online!

Questions? Just give us a call for help with your order. Toll free: 1.800.774.5857 (7:30AM-5:30PM, PST)

Choose Customized Cards (or 50+ Donation Cards) if you’d like to have:

  • a custom signature line below the inside greeting
  • your corporate logo
  • printed signatures
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Construction Christmas Cards with a Cardphile Twist

Structural Steel Holiday Lift 3106
3106 Structural Steel Lift (customizable)

Is this your task today?

Shop for a construction holiday card that reflects your company’s industry and culture without breaking the bank.

If that’s the case, we’d love to help. And we might have a few ideas to help you send a unique holiday greeting card to clients you value—without blasting through the marketing budget.

Step 1: Find a greeting card company small enough to listen to your needs, and big enough to craft top quality greetings. (Ahem, if you’re reading this, you’ve already discovered that Cardphile greeting cards are the perfect solution to Step 1—our greeting cards never look like they came out of your office inkjet or photocopier…)

Step 2: Browse our construction Christmas cards and choose a design. Many of our holiday cards allow you to incorporate your company name and logo on the card front for no additional charge. And if you find one you’d like to modify, just do what this engineering & steel company did! (see below)

Step 3: Call Cardphile and say, “Hey, can you put our logo in that little red square thing on the front of card 3106?” For a few extra bucks, our designers will do all the work to incorporate your full color logo, AND send you a proof, AND send you another proof if you want to see it in a different color or scale…. until you’re thrilled with the results.

I Beam Christmas Tree Business Holiday Card with Custom Logo

Step 4: Ta-Da! You’ve got yourself a unique holiday greeting card that will stand out from all the rest. Now do the right thing, and make the time to sign them and maybe even write a note near the imprinted verse to let your clients know your message is genuine – it makes a difference!

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Are You A Hermit? Our Business Thank You Cards Will Fix That!

Business thank you cards give you personal time with your customer—without the demands of face time expectations.

Let’s face it, it’s not always easy to keep in touch with clients without feeling pushy. That’s where our corporate logo note cards come in. These little business thank you notes are the perfect vehicle for your handwritten note of appreciation—elegant, well-traveled and worldly!

We’ve designed them just right too—not too big (so you don’t have to write a novella) and not too small (so they disappear in the mail room). Send us your logo and we’ll do all the work, customizing your cards to help you build brand identity.

Here are some excuses, if you need them, for building business relationships:

  • Spent weeks putting together a big proposal? Don’t forget to thank everyone on the team; staff, vendors, and the guy who runs the copy machine.
  • Introduce yourself
  • Stay in touch
  • Congratulations
  • Business relationship anniversary

Your corporate thank you cards should always be hand-written, by the way, and we think that it’s worth the trouble to find a pen with real ink—ball point pens are so yuk. We also suggest practicing your thank you note on another piece of paper first—you’ll waste fewer cards that way and ensure that your note looks professional and your signature doesn’t fall off the edge of the card.

It’s OK to have your return address printed on the back of the envelope, but you should always hand write the recipients’ address on the front—no stickers here.

And remember, back away from the postage meter and use real stamps!

Read this article for more tips on writing business thank you cards.



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Cardphile Trades Engineering Holiday Cards for Structural Review

Books Floor to Ceiling
Stacked a Little Bit Too High… Image credit: Krypto

The recent earthquake and tsunami in Japan got us to thinking. First of all, if you haven’t hugged your structural engineer lately, you should probably do that now. While their jobs aren’t the most glamorous, their work in Japan, along with some pretty stringent building codes, clearly saved many lives. And since Cardphile’s holiday greeting card design and printing facility in Portland shares a similar earthquake risk zone, we took some notes and decided it was time to take a good look at our warehouse.

Here’s what we found:

  • Fire extinguishers? Check
  • First aid and medical kits? Check
  • 100% Windpower for all production? Check
  • Lunchroom fridge cleaned regularly? um… Action Item ;(
  • Stock shelves all strapped down and secured? …Oops!

So we called up one of our local engineering friends and arranged for a review.

Turns out, while most of our warehouse was in pretty good shape, there were definitely a few places that needed some attention. Although it was well within code, he saw a few things stacked just a little bit too high….

Other items he suggested:

  1.  Additional rack anchors. This was suggested because the thickness of the base plates and concrete floor are adequate to support it. Again it was going beyond code for our area, but cheap insurance. Good Idea!
  2. Add “drag struts” to the top levels of shelving. Another inexpensive, but highly effective technique to reduce potential damage and injuries.
  3. Other suggestions were to add diagonal bracing or rigid frames. However, since this was going to be quite a bit more expensive, and exceed the structural integrity of the building shell, we decided it would be more logical to just restrict the storage height.
  4. Identify safe zones for everyone to go which have few overhead or large items. Even items like overhead lighting, ceiling tiles, bookshelves, filing cabinets and yes, even our lunch room fridge can become a hazard during a significant earthquake.
  5. Define a central place for everyone to gather after an earthquake so all can quickly be accounted for. Keep in mind that it should also be free of overhead obstacles.

We were surprised to discover that it doesn’t have to be expensive: a few simple changes can help you protect staff and make your work environment a lot safer.

We’re as likely as anyone else on the Pacific West Coast to avoid preparing for “the big one,” but seeing how our Japanese neighbors benefited from their rigorous building codes gave us pause for thought.

In much better shape now, we’ll have lots to talk about at the next office meeting.

Make sure your workplace is safe too. You can find a licensed engineer by checking in with the American Society of Civil Engineers.

Holiday Greeting Cards for Engineers and Architects
3018 Golden Gates Rust

The American Institute of Architects is also a great place to find an architect to help you with a review of your own workspace. Or, you could even give us a call – chances are pretty good that we’ll know a registered architect in your area!

(Oh, and here’s the engineering holiday card design our engineering friend picked out to send to his clients this Thanksgiving!)

Let us know if we missed anything – we’d love to hear your suggestions for how we can all make our offices safer places to work!