Cards for Charity

Yes, we really do support these charitable organizations!A full 45% – 50% of the purchase price of each charity Christmas cards package goes directly to the charity!

Have You Wondered?

You may have heard that when you purchase Christmas cards that benefit charities, only a small percentage, say 3% – 15%, goes to the actual charity. We shared your concern so we made some persistent phone calls to find out. Based on our inquiries, that appears to be the case for some of those famous business charity Christmas card brands that you’ve all heard of (and whom we will not be naming… out of politeness).

Cardphile is different!

A full 50% of the purchase price of each Doernbecher card package in the packages categories (and very close to that amount even in our custom business charity Christmas cards categories) goes directly to the charity we are supporting. And we don’t sacrifice quality when it comes to your business charity holiday cards. You can have both—help us to support great causes and send out high-quality Christmas cards for charity at the same time!