Cartesian Winter 2446

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Architects, Engineers and Contractors know one thing for sure~and that’s math. Especially when it comes to resolving complex forms and designs.

Armed with this knowledge, it’s easy to see why Cardphile’s Cartesian Winter has become a customer favorite. The card is a photograph of the artful tillage in a field with precise parallel lines yielding only to the monolith in their way. The result, a series of concentric rings which buffer the monolith until they concede to the cartesian plain. A light dusting of snow further enhances the quiet presence of the geometric patterns and results in a simple but elegant composition.

Throughout history, man has encountered unyielding natural features, often incorporating them into design and art. Without really knowing, our suspicion is, that in this particular example of environmental design, the farmer has, over years, seasonally perfected his art, resulting in a perfect canvas year after year.

This is just one example of how we have incorporated nature into our lives. This could be the farmer’s personal Petra.