We’re not making this stuff up. You guys sure do say the nicest things!

We’re busy designing, printing and making sure your greetings look terrific, you know, but as time permits we’ll post some of your comments here. (Always with your permission, of course.)


Thanks!  As always, you have the best cards out there.  We love your company and the service!

Donna H.
Architectural/AEC Industry
April 28, 2016

And the amazingly generous Kathy took the time to say this last week:

Christmas cards may be seen as a unnecessary bother by some businesses, but they have always afforded us an opportunity  to connect with our clients – reminding them how much we appreciate  their business and how we have enjoyed knowing them.  Cardphile has been our long time resource for a terrific selection of industry appropriate and creative card designs.  EVERY year the choices are many, and the process of selection is a delightful task!  And then, as if the Grinch needed to be put in his place, the staff at Cardphile is awesome – no holiday misery here, ever!  There is always a positive and responsive approach to whatever you contact them for.  And, as if that is not enough to keep you coming back to do business, they annually offer substantial savings on holiday cards if ordered early – at times up to 45% !

So, with terrific product choices, awesome service, and substantial savings opportunities, Cardphile is always our answer to greeting the holidays prepared!

It as well bears noting some of their other business choices:
They use 100% Wind Power for their energy source.
They print on FSC Certified, recycled, and chlorine free paper.
They design their products in-house – they’re original!
AND, a notable Special Project:  since 2013, they have worked with the Doernbecher Children’s Hospital Foundation in creating Cards For Kids – a line of cards showcasing children’s artwork (patients and their siblings) and Cardphile donates a percentage of the proceeds back to the hospital Foundation.
DOING BUSINESS sustainably, and creatively, and generously – WOW!

In appreciation of the way you carry yourselves forward in the world,

Kathy S., Admin. Assistant
Dean Robert Camlin & Associates, Inc.
Westminster, MD


We get lots of compliments and notes of appreciation, but we really had to share this one from Todd, a true prince among customers, who most generously took the time to share his experience. As a design firm principal in the AEC / architectural industry, and Cardphile customer for over 15 years, here’s what Todd had to say:

Hi [Cardphile],

Yes you can use my name.

Every year we get clients that we have not bid to or talked with during the year or even two or three years that will call and say they got our Christmas card.  The typical start to the conversation is “wow your cards are always so cool and so unique to our industry” and “I haven’t talked to you in a while and thought I would touch base”.  They actually look for them right after Thanksgiving.  You are helping us build our brand.

In the past these conversations have led to getting involved in a project whether immediately or sometime later in the year so yes, your cards have helped us land projects.

For our local customers we try to visit them around the holidays and it is more than typical that when we walk in they say “We got your Christmas card and it was fantastic as usual”.

Purchasing our cards from you is always a great investment and is always the basis of our wrap up marketing campaign for the year.

I agree with your comment on the e-cards – too common now and rarely opened or read.

Personally I just love the level of art work in virtually all of your cards.  They are just cool.


Todd L.
Architectural/AEC Industry
November 4, 2014


Some people just say what they think, and right out loud! Joan is one of those amazing, warm-hearted and funny people and here’s what she said about “e-cards”:

You can quote me with my name. I sent USPS LETTERS to some of our vendors telling them how lame they are for sending an email card. My husband agrees with me. They wanted to do this at our company a couple of years ago and the president of the company hates them too, so that was good. We used to get 50 or more [e-cards], this year maybe 20. Lame. Lame. Lame. I especially hate the ‘donation to charity’ instead of sending a card. Really? Same dollar amount? Each year? BS. Thanks for letting me rant…

Joan F.
Engineering Industry
February 17, 2014


Barb, a Cardphile customer since 2007, was thoughtful enough to share this message with us after her very first Cardphile order:

Dear Cardphile Management and Staff:

We want to thank you for enabling us to send a beautiful Thanksgiving Day card, customized with our individual signatures. The cards are beautiful and we love the finishing touch of the envelope seals.

Your Customer Service team are heroes in our eyes — they worked with us as we requested revisions to the fonts for our custom verse and imprint. They guided us through the signature proof process. And they made sure our order moved forward rapidly, got shipped overnight, and reached us in time. They were always pleasant, always called back, and always followed up. We couldn’t ask for more.

We have thoroughly enjoyed doing business with you and look forward to doing so again next year.

With our gratitude and sincere wishes that you all have Happy Holidays, and on behalf of our whole staff, Thank you!

Very truly yours,

Barb T.
Design Build/Construction Industry
November 20, 2007


Thank you so much!

I’m so impressed with Cardphile – We’ve really enjoyed our ordering experience each time we’ve ordered from you.

Katie M.
Multi Location Engineering Firm | Healthcare
August 27, 2015



I just wanted to thank you, Deb and Lisa, for sending our invitations out so quickly! We received them yesterday and they are all in the mail today. Your service was outstanding and you went above and beyond for me. Than you again.

Happy Thanksgiving,


Laura C. | Vice President
Proper Management Industry
November 25, 2014


Hello Lisa,
We got our cards today! They look fabulous! Thank you once again for all of your timely help. Cheers to a great week! 🙂
Anita M.
Administrative Assistant
Architectural Industry
October 29, 2014



Dear Cheryl & Debi;

I just wanted you to know that our cards arrived at 10 am EST this morning here in New Jersey.
They look great, and I was amazed at how quickly you printed and shipped them out to us.
My special thanks to both of you for being so understanding as I changed the quantity of cards several times, I apologize for all of that, and I truly appreciated your flexibility.

Please thank your entire team from me.

Warm wishes for a lovely holiday season to both of you!

Bonnie D.
Consultants | Building Enclosure Systems
December 15, 2014


Hi Carey,

It was great hearing from you.

Cardphile’s customer service is awesome!!
It has been a pleasure working with you. I wish you continued success.

Deborah W.
Project Coordinator, AEC Industry
June 3, 2014


They [Custom, Quarterly Calendars] arrived and look FANTASTIC!

Engineering Industry
March 25, 2014


Lisa and Carey – Our cards and envelopes arrived today – We love our Thanksgiving Cards – they look wonderful!

I am convinced Cardphile has the best quality and service – so glad to be back with you all!!

Thanks for taking care of us!

Becky G, Marketing Coordinator
AEC Industry
March 25, 2014


Carey, you and your office are so very welcome (she sends us nuts!!), this is just a small token of my appreciation; for the extent that your office goes through to get our holiday cards out each year.

Your team continues to jump through more hoops than Circus Soleil, even with the many last minute changes. I only wish it was more! I would send you a holiday card, but I’m sure once they are completed you don’t want to see them anymore. HA HA. Thanks again!

Beverly S.
Construction Industry
November 15, 2011


Good Morning [Cardphile],

I just wanted to let you know that we are so very excited and proud about how our [customized] card turned out. It is impressive.

Please give a high five to the designer – his/her efforts were surely appreciated!!! It is an awesome card and one we will be proud to send to our clients.

Absolutely quote me and I do not mind if you use my name! I meant every word!
Have a great afternoon,

Jeanie S.
Design Build Industry
September 21, 2011


Hi [Cardphile],

Thank you for working with us on our order. You really make it so easy for us to get our orders worked out and in to you for our cards. Look forward to getting this order finalized earlier this year!!! Thank you again and have a good day.

Carol E.
Design Industry
April 24, 2011


Dear Customer Service,

We received our cards over the weekend. They turned out terrific! We are very pleased! 🙂 Thanks so much.

We hope you all have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year.

Nancy R. & Jerry V.
Architecture Industry
December 2, 2009


Thanks Carey!  You always make this [custom calendar] so easy for us!

Heather S.
July 30, 2009


I would like to thank all the people at Cardphile for all their help on my holiday card. I received them and they came out exactly as ordered and look great.

Have a great holiday season and Happy New Year.

Best Regards,

Mark T.
December 14, 2008



We received our card this morning. They look great!

Thank you (and others at Cardphile) for the quick response and great service.

Happy holidays.

Dave T.
Construction Management
December 12, 2008





December 4, 2008


Nicci – just wanted to thank you for the holiday cards. They turned out wonderful. Thanks for all your help ! Happy Holidays !

Trisha P.
Arch | Interiors | Engineering
Real Estate Development
November 21, 2008


Hello [Cardphile],

This year, our president picked the designs for our Christmas Cards and so we used a company that we haven’t before.

I ordered the cards originally on Sept. 23rd and still have not received my order (they have lost two shipments). They may be delivered today (the third replacement) but if not, could you give me an estimate on how long it would take to print up 325 cards of one design and 50 of another with different inscriptions for the designs.

You have no idea how badly I regret not using your company. I may not end up needing to order if we get our order today but next year, you have our business.


Leeanne P.
November 12, 2008


Hi [Cardphile} I received the cards today — they look fabulous!

Thank you!

Kristen F.
September 29, 2008


Hi Carey,

We got the cards last Thursday and they went out this weekend, they look great!

I just wanted to thank you, you provided us with fantastic customer service and I really appreciate that you went the extra mile for us.

Thanks again,

Danielle E.
Renovations | Interiors
May 27, 2008


Hi Cherryll,

Just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job on our holiday postcards.

I really appreciate how wonderful your service is and, as always, the cards turned out great! Have a wonderful holiday season!

Thanks again,

Brynn C.
Adventure Travel
December 14, 2007



I just wanted to take a minute to thank you, Amy and your company for doing a great job with our corporate Christmas cards. We had nothing but problems with our previous vendors but working with you was so easy! Ordering was simple, the proofing process was quick, and I received the cards when you said I would – awesome! It was very refreshing to finally work with a vendor who is friendly and does what you say you will do. We also appreciate your commitment to the environment. If your company ever needs a reference, please feel free to use my name.

Thank you,

Jessica B.
Marketing Coordinator
AEC | Environmental
October 7, 2007



[seo_text_block]At Cardphile, our designers, production staff and customer service representatives are focused on one guiding principle — to provide you with the best corporate holiday cards at the best price. To that end, we have many options to customize your business holiday cards and our friendly and helpful customer service reps can help you choose the best option to match your budget. From business Christmas cards with your logo on the front, or fun little edits to our achitectural holiday cards and calendars, to completely custom holiday cards that we design and build from photos you provide – the possibilities are endless. Call us today to discuss your ideas! 1.800.774.5857[/seo_text_block]