Well Suited’s Classical Snowman Makeover – A Custom Business Holiday Card Design

by | Nov 3, 2022 | Customer Case Studies | 0 comments

Alan reached out to us on behalf of his company, Well Suited Custom Clothier, in Stony Creek, Connecticut. As a high end men’s clothier, Alan was looking for a custom business holiday card to send to clients that would reflect his area of expertise. Alan contacted us early on in the year (July!) to talk through some ideas that he had in mind and learn about Cardphile’s options for custom corporate holiday cards. (Since all of our designs are created in-house, we have control over all of the base artwork, and are able to make any modifications we choose.)

Having settled on our Classical Snowman holiday card design, we tossed some ideas back and forth, and together came up with some design modifications. You’ll notice that we replaced Mr. Snowman’s pencil with a classical looking tailor’s measuring tape, and placed a needle and thread in his left hand. We added a schnazzy red vest*, red mittens to match and even added a little name tag to his vest. Wrapping up the theme, we replaced his red scarf with a jaunty red bow tie and changed his classic Snowman’s top hat to a vintage Porkpie 1940s style hat – replete with a sprig of mistletoe!

*While there were some design iterations that included a tartan plaid vest, we ultimately agreed on the simpler version.

Custom holiday cards for business are a great way to get noticed with a holiday card design that reflects your industry and is entirely unique. Are you thinking about having one of our business holiday card designs customized just for you? Browse our industry specific holiday cards, give us a call or learn more about our Christmas card front modifications.