Construction Christmas Cards Seasonal Delight 4135

Construction Christmas Cards Seasonal Delight 4135 Holiday lights, gingerbread cookies, and a pencil with your construction company's name on it.

A few lovingly decorated cookies and a hint of a Christmas tree hung with twinkle lights all looks fetching on a background of deep blue weathered wood. But the pencil embossed with your company’s name is what really completes the look on these construction Christmas cards. The message of cheer, not to mention the tempting ginger treats, are sure to get your recipient into the holiday spirit.

We Design Construction Christmas Cards, You Benefit

Our art department has been working for you for over 30 years, and we hope you’ll see how diligently we’ve been at it while you browse our galleries. We have designs for just about any aesthetic. That little pencil shows up here and there in our work, as well as a trio of mischievous snowmen, the occasional well-built bridge, tools of course, even polar bears and owls in hardhats.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, click the bright green “Design online” button to get started on your construction Christmas card order. That button takes you to our online editor where the personalizations are all up to you. With this card, you’ll start with the greeting on the front, choosing from “Happy Holidays,” “Merry Christmas,” or “Season’s Greetings.” And of course you’ll set your company name the way you like it.

Inside the card you’ll choose a verse, or write your own. You can pick the typeface, ink color, and size as well. Don’t forget to choose your paper stock. After all, your artwork is only as good as its canvas, right? If you’d like to add some really groovy personal touches, like printed signatures/doodles, or a photo, or your logo, (or something we haven’t thought of) please give us a shout. We love to collaborate on construction Christmas cards.  After all, we’re here to make you look good.

Inspired Architecture Holiday Card Seasonal Da Vinci 4124

Inspired Architecture Holiday Card Seasonal Da Vinci 4124 A parchment background and a pencil and protractor with a sprig of holly.

A Classic, But Certainly Not Stuffy

There’s a lot of fun packed in to this Da Vinci-inspired architecture holiday card design. Look closely, your company’s name appears on the pencil! The background is classic parchment, and the colorful elements—a protractor, a glass ornament, and a holly sprig—are pure whimsey. That bold, red message of “Merry Christmas” is interchangeable. Choose “Happy Holidays” or “Season’s Greetings” with a click when you build your architecture holiday card in our online editor.

We have a number of playful designs, many of which include your company’s name on the front. We also have a gallery of designs for those with more traditional or more minimalist tastes. For three decades we’ve been designing inspired holiday cards for the architecture, engineering, and construction industries; and we’re constantly developing our customization options so you can send a truly unique greeting.


Our cards are meant to be completely personalized, top to bottom: typography, ink colors, verse, front greeting, etc. Even down to pre-printed return addresses on your envelopes. But before you get to all that, you’ll choose from among our paper stocks. Here’s a hint; this Da Vinci-inspired holiday card looks great on all of them! Really. Our papers are FSC-certified, and contain recycled content where possible. In addition, if you need 100% recycled content, we’ll make it happen. We know many firms are as committed to the environment as we are, and we’ve designed our gallery and our customization options accordingly. And while we’re on the subject of sustainability, we’re proud to say that we produce our cards with carbon-neutral wind power.

At Cardphile, we want you to love your architecture holiday card order. After all, we did it together! If you’re not satisfied, let us know, and we’ll get replacements into your hands pronto, and of course, at no cost to you.

Architect Christmas Card Classical Snowman 4025

Architect Christmas Card Classical Snowman 4025

This whimsical architect Christmas card features a jolly snowman perched atop a Roman column. Snowflakes dot the gentle blue background. A simple and sincere message of “Season’s Greetings” is carved at the top of the column, and the snowman is holding an oversized pencil branded with your company name. Show ’em your playful side at the holidays, and make a lasting impression.

If You’re Looking for a More Archetypical Christmas Card…

We have you covered. We have some fetching designs that feature stonework as well as a nice selection that draws inspiration from bridge support structures. We’ve made festive use of blueprint paper, and one of our designers has a fascination with spiral staircases. Having said all that, our snowman enjoys a bit of celebrity. You can find him on a number of our cards, and always jolly. We’ve designed our collection to be fully customizable so you know you’ll be sending a truly unique architect Christmas card.

We Know You’re the Creative Pro

And as such, you’ll customize your architect Christmas card with our easy-to-use our online editor in about as long as it takes to finish a cup of coffee. Choose your fonts and personal touches, have your envelopes pre-printed if you wish, choose your quantity and shipping, then plan your signing and mailing party!

If you’re new to Cardphile, it’s worth mentioning that all of our cards can be retrofitted to one of our handsome calendar cards. These beauties mail with first-class postage and feature your business’ contact information so you’re within easy reach all year long.

Our collection is over 30 years in the making. We’re confident you’ll be able to find and build your perfect architect Christmas card order. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a shout. Our design consultants love to collaborate.

Architectural Holiday Card Kicking Back 3851

Architectural Holiday Card Kicking Back 3851 A marshmallow snowman relaxes in his chocolate hot tub on an architect's desk.

A Fun Take on Work/Life Balance With This Charming Holiday Card

A delightful illustration captures the jovial spirit of the holidays. The front of this architectural holiday card features a ruby-red mug of hot cocoa on an architect’s desk, along with blueprints, a pencil, and a protractor. The scene is presided over by a marshmallow snowman having a nice, warm soak in the mug! Two pretty, blue borders with snowflake cut-outs finish off the look, a perfect design for the architecture firm that knows how to have a little fun.

We have many such whimsical designs, like this one, which gives you the option of including your company’s name on the front of the card. We also have a gallery of designs for those with more traditional or classical tastes. For three decades we’ve been designing holiday cards for the architecture, engineering and construction industries; and we’ve developed an assortment of customization options that enable you to send a truly unique greeting, and make that valuable impression.

The Rest of the Design is All You

Once you’ve chosen your card front, you can design your architectural holiday card in our easy-to-use online editor. In about 30 minutes, you can set your inside verse, ink color and font, paper stock, and envelope printing. Then you can choose from options like printed signatures, or your logo or a photo printed inside. The modifications don’t end there. If you have more complicated personalizations in mind, give us a shout. We love to hear ideas we haven’t thought of!

If the Season’s Gotten Away From You…

…or if you just like to stand out from the crowd, we have a selection of new year’s cards, which are also customizable. And don’t forget, you can choose any of our designs for a handsome calendar card. They mail like a standard card, and keep your firm’s contact information front and center year ’round! Design your architectural holiday card order today and find out about discounts for early season ordering!

Date with an Architect 3304

Architect New Year's Cards Image spells out the New Year in architect drafting tools on a blueprint background.

Make a plan for joy and prosperity in the coming year with these clever architect New Year’s cards.  The background is an architectural blueprint lying out on the desktop.  Someone on the team has hand-drafted the number two on the blueprint, and their coffee cup (or is that a winter mug of hot cocoa?) forms the number zero. A pencil printed with “Happy New Year”  stands in as the number one, and the tools of the trade are playfully arranged to ring in the coming year. Put it all together, and it spells business in the New Year!

Customization is Easy With Our Online Ordering System

We have an assortment of architect New Year’s cards, and this one is a particular favorite for personalizing. The red stripe on the front bears your company’s name, and we can set your logo inside along with your message of holiday cheer and goodwill. Choose a verse from our collection, or compose your own. You’ll make a lasting impression when you send these architect New Year’s cards to your clients, vendors, and associates.

Choose Just the Right Paper For Your Architect New Year’s Cards

We have a number of fine papers to select from to make your card stand out. This design will really sing on our bright white card stock with a satin finish. Feel free to contact us for samples or refer to our guide for full descriptions. If you’re working on LEED Certified projects, we have you covered. All of our papers are FSC certified, many are produced with green energy and all are produced using wind energy. You can send your new year greeting with confidence.

Call and talk to our design consultants today to customize your architect New Year’s cards, and send a greeting they’ll remember and appreciate in the coming year.

Illuminated Plans 2913

Customizable Construction Christmas Cards: Illuminated Plans 2913

One of Our Favorite Construction Christmas Cards

And for good reason! This design has been reliably requested among architects, engineers, and construction professionals. Multi-colored Christmas lights glow and dazzle along the roofline on the architectural plans for this holiday house.  We customize the front of your construction Christmas cards by printing your company’s name at the bottom of the blueprints. Other rolled up blueprints are visible off to the side; and a red drafting pencil marked “Happy Holidays” has been casually set down on top of the plans.  The scene is viewed from an angle, as if the delightful illustration on the front of this business holiday card were a snapshot photograph of a busy architect’s desk.

We’ve Been Noodling Around With This Design For a While Now

Our cards are fully customizable, but before we get to that, take a peek at our other blueprint-inspired selections. Our designers had a great deal of fun with this motif and it did not go unappreciated. These cards are popular, but because of our many personalization options, they’re in no way ordinary or overused. Do you have a horizontal, dark-on-light version of your logo? If so, what if we added it where the company name would be? Do you have a photo of your office staff in Santa hats? Wouldn’t that look cute on the inside of the card? Do you like the blueprint look, but prefer to send a Thanksgiving card?

Customization is Easy (and Free!) Online

Many of our modifications can be done right in our online editor, and it puts you in control of your construction Christmas cards. If you have ideas that we haven’t thought of contact us and our design team will work with you. We love creating new and unique designs! And your customers, vendors, friends, and associates will appreciate receiving your greeting.

Minimum investment, maximum value.

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How to Keep in Touch with Clients | Part Three

Thank You Cards Make Business Personal Again
Build Lasting Relationships—With Thank You Notes

You’ve been asking, so we did the research: How to write a professional business thank you card. We’ll tell you what to include, what to avoid, and then go on to the specifics of salutations and closings.

Now, before you get too worried, keep in mind that the fact that you are even bothering to send a business note of appreciation at all will set you apart from the crowd. And while there’s almost no way to go wrong when you are saying “thank you”, here are some general guidelines to keep you on the right track.

  • Your tone in writing a business thank you note should be friendly and professional. Do not use slang or be overly familiar (especially if your note is to follow up on a job interview), unless the relationship is long-standing and familiar.
  • Your business thank you cards should always be hand written.
  • Use a pen with real ink. Felt tips or liquid ink are fine and it is perfectly OK to choose a pen that complements your handwriting. Do not use pencil, and avoid ballpoint pens.
  • Be reasonable when choosing the color of your pen. Pink may be fun, but does that really convey a business-like impression?
  • Check your speling! (heh). Seriously, spelling counts and there’s no excuse for misspelled words in a hand-written corporate thank you card. Just write a quick rough draft in any word processing application and spell check first. You can even use the spell check function in gmail or most mail clients to eliminate spelling errors.
  • Writing up a quick rough draft of your thank you card will also save you from having to toss out thank you cards with mistakes or those that “just don’t sound quite right” once you’ve written them.

Now on to the Nitty-Gritty-Miss-Manners part of writing proper thank you cards for business:

  1. Salutation: Address the recipient as “Dear [Name],”. In general, it’s best to err on the side of caution and choose the more formal path: “Dear Mr. Smith,”. It is also acceptable to say “Hello Mr. Smith,”. This is not the place to say “Hey Bob,”.
  2. Express your gratitude: A simple, one line sentence expressing your thanks for the event/meeting/ feedback, etc.
  3. Continue with something specific about your conversation or meeting: Be sincere, and clearly express your appreciation for the giver’s time and effort by describing how it helped you.
  4. Closing: You have a few choices here.
  • For someone you don’t know well (an interviewer for example), “Sincerely,”  or “Yours Sincerely,” is the most appropriate.
  • “Many Thanks,” or “Best Wishes,” is perfectly appropriate for someone with whom you are more familiar (a manager or co-worker).
  • Save the “Love from,” for friends and family!

Are you a job seeker? Pay close attention:

An employer we read about recently, said that following up with an appropriate business thank you card is almost mandatory these days, and even lists sending a prompt thank you card as an important part of your post-interview strategy (see item #5 and #10 in their list of “10 things to do after the interview“). A well-written (hand-written, of course) business thank you note sent to your potential employer will demonstrate your maturity, responsibility, and ability to follow through with the important details. It’s also something many of your peers will neglect to do—what better way to stand out from the crowd? (We hope it goes without saying that you should be careful not to sound like you already have the job?)

And always be sure to write a thank you note to anyone who has provided you with a letter of reference.

For job seekers under 35, or anyone who knows one, here’s an interesting article to chew on, (The Start-Up of You), while you write out those business thank you cards to your most recent interviewers!

Do you have questions or your own suggestions for writing business thank you notes? Enter them in the comments (or just send us an email) and we’ll do our best to include the answers and share your tips in Part 4 of the series.

Next up: Part 4 – Answering your questions + a list of great opportunities for sending thank you cards and business note cards to nurture relationships with the customers you serve.