Holiday Photo Cards Wood Frame Blue 3973

Holiday Photo Cards Wood Frame Blue 3973 A fabulous frame for your favorite photo.

Celebrate the season in fine style when you design a greeting with your favorite image.  Send personalized holiday photo cards like this one with a wood frame in trusty blue tone. Your recipient will first get an eyeful of your beautiful photo, then the heartfelt wish of “Merry Christmas.” She’ll know exactly who sent such a charming note by your company’s name typeset right under the greeting. We call it ‘sending smiles,’ and it’s at the very core of our work here at Cardphile.

Your Creativity, Our Support

We’ve been developing our selection for 30 years with your business in mind. We offer original designs to suit any taste or aesthetic, and in any color scheme. If jolly red is your thing, look no further. If you prefer true blue or mirthful green, surely you’ll find a card front that inspires you. All of our cards are customizable. You’ll choose from a number of elements for the interior of your card, from the verse itself to the typeface and ink color and more. You can add elements like signatures, a photo, or your logo. You can also choose pre-printed envelopes. (every order comes with free blank envelopes) Your personal greeting built from our gallery, and sure to make a memorable impression on your clients and associates, friends & family.

Of course we’ve pushed our service one step further for that truly one-of-a-kind message for the festive season. Our selection of holiday photo cards will complement any image, whether you prefer a look that’s modern or understated, or fun and festive. In just a few clicks, an email or two, and maybe a phone chat, you’ll transform one of your favorite pieces of photography into holiday photo cards they’ll remember. Our production consultants are on-hand looking forward to collaborating. At Cardphile, we’re Making Business Personal Again.

Holiday Photo Cards Beach Wood Frame 3975

Holiday Photo Cards Beach Wood Frame 3975 The rough-hewn charm of beach wood frames your custom photo.

Stylish Custom Holiday Photo Cards

These holiday photo cards give you a charming beach wood frame for your favorite snapshot. The understated motif allows your photograph to really pop! front and center. We designed it, and a handful of others like it, to do just that. The message of “Merry Christmas” set in the corner with your company’s name greets the recipient with warmth and sincerity. 

We have a number of cards with a similar homespun feel to them. This design features glowing ornaments on a parquet background, and a cheerful message of “Happy Holidays.” This one is an image of gingerbread treats on a baking board with your company’s name set in a vintage font. And this perennial favorite has a handful of stylized homes set against a rich, raw wood background and a dusty blue band that says, “Season’s Greetings.” These cards are all customizable with our selection of modifications. You build your greeting to order, choosing font, ink color, paper, and other personal touches. Of course for a holiday expression that is your unique design, our holiday photo cards are the way to go.

Holiday Photo Cards with Wood and Other Festive Frames

Imagine your favorite photo set off by this beach wood frame, or the darker version, or the denim-tinted one. You may also find the perfect frame for your pic in a geometric-inspired look, an understated design, or a more whimsical piece. If you’re unsure which one will work best, for instance how to match or complement colors, feel free to contact us. One of our design consultants will be happy to answer any questions. We’ll also assist with any personalization ideas we haven’t thought of.

We’ve been collaborating with businesses just like yours for 30 years. We’re here to help you build that memorable and valuable holiday greeting. At Cardphile, we’re Making Business Personal Again.

Holiday Photo Cards Aged Barn Wood Frame 3974

Holiday Photo Cards Aged Barn Wood Frame 3974 Customize this holiday card with your precious photograph

Distinctive Holiday Photo Cards

The aged barn wood frame on these holiday cards is a perfect complement to your favorite photo. This dark wood motif features the message of “Merry Christmas” and your company name in the corner so your recipient recognizes your goodwill—and good taste—right away. Showcase a project well done; be it architecture, a public work, a special event, etc. Greet your associates, clients, friends, and family with a snap of your team’s hard work throughout the year. Design your order in our online editor today.

Truly Personal Communication

When you customize your holiday photo cards, either with this aged barn wood frame, or one of our other photo cards, you’ll see our selection of heavy weight card stocks—from satin, uncoated smooth, and pearlescent to textured art papers. We’re happy to recommend a finish that will bring out the best in your design. You’ll also choose your verse—or write one of your own—and select a font and ink color. Those are just the basics. We can also add your logo, staff signatures & doodles, return address pre-printed on your envelopes, and other personal touches. Give us a shout if you have ideas we haven’t thought of. Our holiday consultants are always ready to collaborate!

The warm reception of a physical card that can be held in the hand  can’t be replicated digitally. E-cards just don’t compare to printed greetings in terms of getting your company noticed and remembered, and aren’t necessarily better for the environment. Most of our papers contain recycled content whenever possible, and if you prefer a 100% recycled paper, simply contact us. Every paper is FSC certified, and if you’re known as a “green” company, we’ve got you covered. You can proudly send your holiday photo cards printed with carbon neutral wind power!

Our designs and options coupled with your photography make for a truly memorable greeting. Minimum investment, maximum value.

Construction Christmas Cards Seasonal Delight 4135

Construction Christmas Cards Seasonal Delight 4135 Holiday lights, gingerbread cookies, and a pencil with your construction company's name on it.

A few lovingly decorated cookies and a hint of a Christmas tree hung with twinkle lights all looks fetching on a background of deep blue weathered wood. But the pencil embossed with your company’s name is what really completes the look on these construction Christmas cards. The message of cheer, not to mention the tempting ginger treats, are sure to get your recipient into the holiday spirit.

We Design Construction Christmas Cards, You Benefit

Our art department has been working for you for over 30 years, and we hope you’ll see how diligently we’ve been at it while you browse our galleries. We have designs for just about any aesthetic. That little pencil shows up here and there in our work, as well as a trio of mischievous snowmen, the occasional well-built bridge, tools of course, even polar bears and owls in hardhats.

Once you’ve found what you’re looking for, click the bright green “Design online” button to get started on your construction Christmas card order. That button takes you to our online editor where the personalizations are all up to you. With this card, you’ll start with the greeting on the front, choosing from “Happy Holidays,” “Merry Christmas,” or “Season’s Greetings.” And of course you’ll set your company name the way you like it.

Inside the card you’ll choose a verse, or write your own. You can pick the typeface, ink color, and size as well. Don’t forget to choose your paper stock. After all, your artwork is only as good as its canvas, right? If you’d like to add some really groovy personal touches, like printed signatures/doodles, or a photo, or your logo, (or something we haven’t thought of) please give us a shout. We love to collaborate on construction Christmas cards.  After all, we’re here to make you look good.

Business Christmas Cards With Printed Signatures Holiday Village 3 4136

Business Christmas Cards With Printed Signatures Holiday Village 3 4136 Candy starlight houses on a wood background with festive little snowflakes.

A classic holiday look to charm the heart. Cozy stylized houses in Christmas candy colors on a weathered wood background. Gentle snowflakes give the whole scene that touch of magic. This design blends traditional and modern aesthetics into what will be unique business Christmas cards, made truly personal with printed signatures, and other modifications.

You’re the Creative Genius

When you customize your order in our online editor, you’re in the designer’s chair. As you can see, you have the option of setting your company name on the front of the card, as well as switching out the sentiment. Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays, or Merry Christmas are all optional. On the inside, you’ll choose a verse, its ink color, typeface and size. Of course, you can always compose a verse of your own, and feel free to borrow and mix & match  phrases from ours if you like. Then it’s on to those signatures, a photo or logo, and optional envelope treatments. Blank envelopes do come with your order. 

For the Outside-the-Box Thinker

We’ve developed a full selection of designs for business Christmas cards with you in mind. Printed signatures are a fun touch, and here’s a tip; you can also include them on a new year’s card, or a calendar card. Our calendar cards are not just festive, they’re practical. And… they keep your company’s contact info on-hand all year long. And a handsome new year’s card allows you to stand out from the Christmas crowd.

Check out or selections and when you find the perfect artwork, click on the little green “Design online” button to get started creating your masterpiece. Or, settle in with a cup of cocoa and check out our how-to video. Or Contact our holiday design consultants if you have ideas we haven’t thought of for your business Christmas cards with printed signatures.

Architectural Holiday Cards Barn Door Houses 4112

Architectural Holiday Cards Barn Door Houses 4112 A line of little holiday houses in red against a weathered wood background.

What fresh cheer is this?! Pale weathered wood makes such an inviting background for our five little red houses, all decorated up in playful doodles. Your company name will appear in the red band across the bottom of the card, and you get to pick the greeting set off by carefully-placed snowflakes. These architectural holiday cards convey a message of good cheer that is immediately recognizable. That’s the magic of a printed greeting card.

We Design, You Shine

At Cardphile we’ve been producing architectural holiday cards for over 30 years with you in mind. We started with some classics, and have just run with it! This design is downright rustic, but we have cards to suit any taste. Those little houses have popped up in some of our more minimalist art. They can also be found in a snowy setting with one of them playfully sporting antlers and a red Rudolph nose. We’ve also spent some time noodling around with plain old blueprints and have managed to make them festive, merry, and bright.

Customize Your Architectural Holiday Cards

In our online editing tool, you’ll make your holiday cards your very own. Set the type on the front the way you like it and it’s on to design the inside. You’ll choose from our collection of verses, or compose your own. Then you can size it the way you like, set the typeface and ink color, and choose other personal touches. Include your logo under the verse, or a photo on the opposite panel. We can also pre-print signatures, and return addresses on your envelopes, as well other decoration options. A real, live architectural holiday card that can be held in the hand and passed around the office or displayed on the credenza beats an e-card by a tree farm mile! Around here, we call it “sending smiles.”


Business Holiday Photo Cards Blue Border 3971

Business Holiday Photo Cards Blue Border 3971

Business Holiday Photo Cards Blue & Earthtone Border

Celebrate and showcase your excellent work with these business holiday photo cards. Imagine photos of your favorite projects with this handsome border motif, and your company’s name typeset on the front & logo printed inside under the verse. Share the joy of another year’s jobs well done with your vendors, clients, friends, and associates.  

We offer these business holiday photo cards in blue or green. We’ve also designed a more homespun version with weathered wood in three tones to frame your winning photography. Whatever your taste, we’ve got you covered. And of course, there’s a number of personalization options to choose from.

Let’s Build Your Photo Cards

When you order holiday cards from Cardphile, you’re the creative pro. You’ll choose your paper stock, your interior greeting and any additional printed elements, and, of course, your typeface and ink color. You can also choose pre-printed envelopes to make mailing that much easier. (blank envelopes are included)


We have a number of quality papers to choose from, all containing recycled content whenever possible. This design really sings on pearlescent paper. If you’d prefer 100% recycled, just give us a shout and we’ll make it happen.


Channel your inner poet and compose your own sentiment, or choose one of our curated verses. And feel free to ‘borrow’ all the words and phrases you want for inspiration, or to mash up that perfect greeting. After all, we don’t own the copyright on holiday cheer! In addition, your business holiday photo cards make a memorable impression with your logo and/or staff signatures printed inside.

Fonts & Colors

We have about a dozen tried and true typefaces to choose from, ones that have worked well for us over the years. And, since it is the festive season, we find that most folks like to dispense with the boring black type and choose a bright, happy color for their verse.

Of course you can always contact us if you have customization ideas we haven’t thought of. Our holiday design consultants are on hand to collaborate on your perfect business holiday photo cards in blue, green, or weathered wood. We’ve been making businesses just like yours look good for 30 years.

Holiday Forest Christmas Cards 3931

Holiday Forest Christmas Cards 3931

Holiday Forest Christmas Cards in Serene Greys and Blues

A fetching motif of weathered barn wood complements a triptych of panes revealing elegant winter’s birch branches. The country charm of this design is just the beginning. Set your company’s name in the lower right just under the message of “Season’s Greetings” in a classic font, then explore options for customizing with your logo and other personal touches. 

The Design Deconstructed

Barn wood is becoming a fast favorite of the 2019/2020 season, though the look is timeless. Of course our cards are fully customizable. But if you’d like to showcase your photography, we have you covered. We’ve expanded our gallery this year to include a number of photo cards that frame your images in weathered wood in 3 unique color schemes.

The humble birch tree is also a perennial favorite. We’ve designed a number of holiday forest Christmas cards featuring the beauty of the birch stand. There’s even a Thanksgiving card of rich copper hues in our gallery ready for your unique message.

If you like the windowpane effect, it has served us well as a design element. An ode to Frank Lloyd Wright that inspires cheer with its bright yellow frame is this beautiful, stained-glass design. Likewise, this pretty watercolor-style window is compositionally similar, but with the tree inside and sporting baubles.

And, finally, if it’s the dreamy color palette of these holiday forest Christmas cards that pleases you, we have more where that came from! It’s remarkable how festive such understated hues can be. This very graphic and geometric design gets just a dash of holiday red, as does this photo of New York’s Flatiron building in a flurry.

Our collection is 30 years in the making, and we’re confident you’ll be able to find and build your perfect holiday greeting. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a shout. We’re here to make you look good.

Framing up the Holiday 3218

Construction Christmas Cards image of roof framing with snowflakes to Frame up the Holiday 3218

Our construction Christmas cards for contractors and builders show your company’s gratitude for new and long-standing business relationships. Reach out to your friends, vendors, and clients at the end of the year with a customizable greeting.

Construction Christmas cards for those who build the very world we live in

The triangular frame of a house’s roofline takes shape in the full-color photo on the front of these construction themed Christmas cards.  A sky of business blue fills the background, while large cheerful snowflakes spiral lazily down around the two-by-fours of the building under construction.  A band of Christmas red across the bottom declares “Season’s Greetings” along with your company’s name, as you would like it expressed. You’ll also find many more construction holiday cards to choose from when you search business Christmas cards by tag. And be sure to visit these links if you are looking for similar business holiday card designs like Architecture Christmas cards, Architecture Holiday cards, and Engineering Christmas cards that you can personalize online.

Why choose Cardphile?

  • You can craft your construction themed card online or work with our holiday consultants to capture the unique spirit of your Christmas message.
  • Cardphile has a selection of FSC certified, heavy weight card stocks ranging from satin, uncoated smooth, and pearlescent to fine textured art papers. We can recommend a paper that will showcase your design.
  • The sky’s the limit on our customization options, so you can be sure you’re not sending the same, dull construction company Christmas card as your competitor. Take a look at our gallery of custom designs, and feel free bring us your own ideas.
  • And speaking of the sky—or the wind, anyway—those working on LEED certified projects can send their construction holiday cards printed with (and marked as such) carbon neutral wind power.

Contact us today if you would like some samples mailed out, and let’s work together to build your custom construction Christmas cards!

Poinsettia Season 3940

Poinsettia Season 3940 A jolly red and white image of a happy poinsettia and "Merry Christmas"

A wood-cut -style illustration of a Christmas poinsettia and a cheerful red band combine in an oh-so elegant way to convey your company’s well-wishes for the holiday season. “Merry Christmas” and your company’s name are typeset on the front in a classic font, the first of many customizations you’ll choose. Make that valuable impression for the holidays. 

A Memorable Design

You can build your order right in our easy-to-use online editor. You’re the creative pro when you choose your fonts and ink colors, your sentiment—whether you compose your own or choose one of our verses—and decide whether to add staff signatures/doodles, or a photo. But before you get to all that, you’ll choose from among our paper stocks. Here’s a hint; it looks great on all of them! Our papers are FSC-certified, and contain recycled content where possible. In addition, if you need 100% recycled content, give us a shout, we’ve got you covered. We know many businesses are as committed to being good environmental stewards as we are, and we’ve designed our gallery and our customization options accordingly. And while we’re on the subject of sustainability, we’re pleased to say that our cards are produced with carbon-neutral wind power.

Cardphile designs and prints thousands of custom corporate holiday cards every year, all of which are customizable. This means you can order from us year after year, and always send a true one-of-a-kind greeting—and unique within your industry as it’ll have your business’ personal branding incorporated into the design. If you are wondering about your options, just call and talk to one of our holiday design consultants today. We love to hear your ideas and answer your questions. Our team will work with you to create a business holiday card for your corporation that your clients and associates will remember.

Finishing Touch 3801

Finishing Touch 3801 Happy little trees in subtle tones of blue and grey

A photo image of a woodside lake in winter is rendered as a mural in dreamy blue tones. The work is being finished off by a hard-working painter on a ladder in silhouette. A sincere message of “Season’s Greetings” adorns the front and greets your recipient. Send this fetching Christmas card finished off with your personal touches and convey your holiday wishes to friends, family, clients, and vendors.

This card is just one selection from our gallery designed for your construction business. Find your perfect card, and start building your unique holiday greeting today. Our design consultants are on hand to help you make that valuable connection.