Modern Holiday Card Urban Forest 4221

Modern Holiday Card Urban Forest 4221

The non-traditional analogous color scheme makes this modern holiday card really stand out. The soaring panes of a skyscraper reflect the images of nearby evergreen trees, as well as a dash of light snowfall. When you add your company name on the front, and your customizations to the inside, you’ll have a holiday card that will make a lasting impression.

Rebar Christmas Tree Company Cards 4211

Rebar Christmas Tree Company Cards 4211

An array of geometric gold rebar forms a glittering Christmas tree with red and green lights illuminating the twilight. Add your company name—plus many other personal touches—and send these distinctive cards to your colleagues, friends, and family.

Holiday Scribe Company Christmas Card 4208

Holiday Scribe Company Christmas Card 4208

The most festive pencil ever appears on this clever company Christmas card design. Choose your greeting bearing the Santa hat; “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” or “Season’s Greetings.” They all look adorable, and while you’re at it, add your company name to the candy-striped ornament. Just hit the green “design online” button and you’re ready to go.

Construction Holiday Cards Schedule 40 Pipes 4209

Construction Holiday Cards Schedule 40 Pipes 4209

Stacked rings of standard pipe make for a surprisingly sharp design. These construction holiday cards in bright, cheery green feature a red ornament, and a white band with your company name. That’s just the first of many personalization options.

Mid Century Panels Corporate Holiday Card 4207

Mid Century Panels Corporate Holiday Card 4207

Jewel tones and a modern design aesthetic dominates this corporate holiday card. Circles and semi-circles of currant and grey overlay a forest green background. Your company name is tucked into an amethyst rectangle with your choice of greeting.

Corporate Christmas Card Holiday Skyline 4204

Corporate Christmas Card Holiday Skyline 4204

A fantastic study in contrast and a touch of vintage charm defines this corporate Christmas card. A little city shines in the night atop a crisp snowfield. A big ol’ holiday greeting and your company name round out the front design. You’ll choose  from “Happy Holidays,” “Season’s Greetings,” or “Merry Christmas” in our easy-to-use online editor. In fact, that’s just the beginning of the customization of your corporate Christmas card.

Your options include:

We love the vintage feel of this one, but we think you’ll find we have designs for every taste. This abstract starburst makes for an eye-catching greeting. The golden glow of this international business holiday card has a warmth and charm that’s sure to make an impression. And this art deco beauty has a certain grandness to it, as one might expect. On the off chance you don’t see anything that really sparks, try our business photo cards—you supply the images! Bring your photography to life, and send a corporate Christmas card that is a true one-of-a-kind.

Corporate Christmas Card Shopping Made Easy

When you find the artwork that captures your style, click the little green “design online” button to get started. You can design and order your cards in a few clicks, or about the time it takes to finish a cup of hot cocoa.

Structural Engineering Holiday Card Christmas Tree Align 4203

Structural Engineering Holiday Card Christmas Tree Align 4203

A simple illustration of points and lines form a Christmas tree rising skyward on a true blue background. This taut little tree is complemented by a scattering of random pinpoints of the same pale light—stars in the holiday sky. A darker blue band at the bottom bears your structural engineering firm’s name and a heartfelt holiday card message.

Browse our Structural Engineering Holiday Card Line

This design has a sister, and a cousin. Both take advantage of the point and line motif, but if you prefer something a little less ethereal, we’ve also found inspiration in the humble snowflake, and the mighty bridge. Heads up! That bridge design is a Thanksgiving card—for those who are ahead of the season. And if you’re coming up the other way, that is, if the season has gotten away from you, try one of our New Year’s cards. Our structural engineering holiday cards help your firm stand out from the crowd.

Bring Your Creativity

We’ve been developing our collection for over 30 years, and adding customization options based on feedback from customers like you. We create new designs every year, so you won’t be sending a card that’s made the rounds, or one that looks like everybody else’s. You’ll make your greeting uniquely yours in our easy-to-use online editor. Select one of our curated holiday sentiments, write one of of your own, or try an illuminated verse.

In addition, you can select your ink colors and font, and have your logo, and/or your team’s signatures printed inside. It sounds more complicated than it is, but most of your customizations can be done in about a half hour. And if you have an idea we haven’t thought of, just contact us. Our holiday consultants are on hand to help you design a unique structural engineering holiday card.

Business Photo Christmas Cards Office Triptych Gray 3085

Business Photo Christmas Cards Office Triptych Gray 3085

Understated with a touch of jazz, just wait until you add your stunning photography to these business photo Christmas cards! A medium grey background is set off with gold strokes to lovingly delineate your images in this crisp aesthetic. We’ll set your company name in the place of honor right on the front of the card. Your recipients will know immediately out of the envelope who sends this message of good will—and good taste.

Business Photo Cards For Any Occasion

We’re pretty jazzed about the versatility of these cards—so much so that we’ve designed a gallery of them to suit any taste. As you look through the selections, remember, you can always click the green “Design online” button to see your customization options. Once you’re in our fun and easy-to-use online editor, your creativity takes over. Change the greeting on the front and set your company name the way you like it. Then move on to the many personalization options for the inside and the envelopes. And if you’re not thrilled with where your design is going, just click out and try a different one.

We’ve been producing holiday greetings for businesses just like yours for over 30 years. If a business photo Christmas card isn’t your jam, consider converting your design into a handsome calendar card. They mail with first class postage, and keep your company’s info on hand all year. Or try a new year’s card, also customizable, also a treat to receive. Contact us with any questions, if you’d like to receive some samples, or if you have customization options you don’t see on our site. Our holiday design consultants are on hand to advise and collaborate.

When you order business photo Christmas cards with us, you’re getting a truly one-of-a-kind greeting that is sure to be 99% effective, and 100% appreciated.


Architecture Christmas Cards Winter Corinthian 4140

Architecture Christmas Cards Winter Corinthian 4140 An ornate corinthian capital sketched in shades of blue and a holiday greeting in script font.

A classic beauty, this detailed sketch of a corinthian capital is rendered in gorgeous, medium-contrast blue tone. These ornate carvings are so eye-pleasing, they come up here and there in our collection. The gold-toned version has been one of our more popular selections for years, particularly as a calendar. Either way, when you design your architecture Christmas cards with us, you’re sending a unique greeting that’s sure to make a memorable impression.

Color-Theory Corner: Blue Denotes Dependability, Quality

Our work doesn’t just happen accidentally. We’ve been designing Christmas cards for architecture firms like yours for over 3 decades. If you’re moved by the blue tones, we have more where that came from. This new design pays tribute to the very steel and technology used to erect our modern buildings. This deep, blue beauty brings the humble blueprint into the holiday season of joy. And if you prefer a little playfulness cunningly blended with a vintage music reference, this one may fit the bill.

Consider a Green Architecture Christmas Card

Whether you’re committed to sustainable business practices, or you just like the classic Christmas colors of red and/or green, we’ve got you covered. As you click through our gallery, remember, virtually all of our cards are fully customizable. If you’d like to check out your options, just click on the ‘Design online’ button, and you can noodle around in our online editor. You can customize the front of the card, the inside verse, the blank left panel, and your envelopes.

Not jazzed about the card you’re working on? Click out and try a different one. Still not seeing what you want? Try a calendar card—they mail with first-class postage and keep your contact info front and center all year long. And if you have ideas we haven’t thought of, contact our holiday consultants. We love to collaborate!


Engineering Christmas Cards Reflective Steel 4129

Engineering Christmas Cards Reflective Steel 4129 A shimmering and steely blue band and your company name.

Steely stripes of cool blue gradients line up in a shimmering sash across the face of this card, and provide the background for the holiday message of your choice along with your company name. Right out of the envelope, these engineering Christmas cards make a memorable and valuable impression. Customize yours today and choose from ‘Happy Holidays,’ ‘Merry Christmas,’ or ‘Season’s Greetings,’ in our online editing tool.

Engineering Christmas Cards That Reflect Your Good Will, and Good Taste

We’ve drawn inspiration over the years from the places you’d expect. Our original art has sprung from the classics, the modern, even from down home on the farm. But we’ve also taken cues from you and from firms just like yours. We’re the holiday greeting card company that encourages your creativity. For over 30 years, we’ve operated in the spirit of collaboration to produce truly unique engineering Christmas cards.

You’ll design your card order in our easy-to-use online editor, choosing everything from the message on the front, to the verse, to the decoration and printing on the envelopes. And you can wrap it up before your coffee even has a chance to cool. The best part is, if you have a customization idea you don’t see on our site, give us a holler. Our holiday design consultants are always on hand.

If the Season’s Gotten Away From You

As you peruse our selections, remember, you can convert any of our cards into a handy calendar card. They mail with first-class postage and keep your company’s information front and center all year long. And for just a few cents more for the mailing, our grande calendar cards make the same memorable impression, only bigger! Card and gift, all in one.

When you find what you’re looking for, click the little green ‘Design online’ button to get started.

Christmas Cards For Engineers Framing Crystal 4125

Christmas Cards For Engineers Framing Crystal 4125 A lovingly framed snowflake on a background of weathered wood and your company name.

A fine, blue snowflake captured in a crisp, white shadowbox and displayed on a background of gorgeous weathered wood make this design a one-of-a-kind. The hints of powdery blue in the wood complement the crystal, and we’ll set your company name in the same eye-pleasing hue. You can choose the greeting; ‘Happy Holidays,’ ‘Merry Christmas,’ and ‘Season’s Greetings’ are all options. Customize your Christmas cards for engineers today and you’ll make a valuable connection during the holiday season.

Art is Transient…

Fleeting beauty—not unlike a snowflake—but our Christmas cards stand the test of time. Our collection spans three decades and most every design is meant to be customized. As you click through, you’ll notice each one has a green button that’ll take you to our online editing tool. When you find the perfect artwork, you’re ready to make it yours.

With this one, you’ll start with the typographic message on the front. You can change the message, as well as the font and size. And, of course, add your company name, if you wish. Then you’ll move on to the inside verse, and lots of extras, like printed signatures or a logo. You’ll receive blank envelopes with your order, but you can also choose a return address printed on them, and even a decoration.

Christmas Cards for Engineers Make a Memorable Impression

A real paper card that can be held in the hand and passed around the office is a special thing. Leave the electronic media for the day-to-day business. Ecards just aren’t the same, and they’re not necessarily better for the environment. For the holidays, let your clients, associates, vendors, and friends know how much you appreciate them.

Grab a cup of coffee or tea and take a look at our tutorial video, or hit the green ‘Design online’ button and dive right in!


Lawyer Christmas Cards Winter Wonder 4128

Lawyer Christmas Cards Winter Wonder 4128 A modern design in beautiful blues and greens with a holiday greeting and your company name.

A clean and sophisticated look. This card features a sincere holiday greeting of your choosing set in a band of shimmering blue-green gradients. Customize your lawyer Christmas cards with your company name incorporated right into this modern design. We were so dazzled by the versatility of this aesthetic, we made one in fiery tones for Thanksgiving, a version in true-blues, and another one inspired by the auroras.

It’s as if You’ve Designed Your Lawyer Christmas Cards Yourself

As you look through our catalog, you’ll find cards with classic legal industry imagery as well as those with a more modern feel. You may even be charmed by a more playful look, or something that reflects your hard-earned successes. It’s all about capturing the holiday message that truly expresses your firm’s good cheer.

Our extensive collection of designs means you’ll be able to send a truly unique and memorable greeting. When you order your lawyer Christmas cards you’re taking our art and customization options, and polishing it up with your creativity. You’ll choose your paper, fonts, ink colors, verse, and many other personal touches, like decorated return addresses on your envelopes.

We’ve also invested some design time on an array of New Year’s cards. These are just as customizable, and we bet you’ll find them just as charming. Sending a New Year’s greeting comes with a bonus, you get to buy yourself a little extra time, and stand out from the Christmas crowd. It’s a win-win!

Pro Tip

If you’re new to Cardphile, we’ll share the worst-kept secret in the holiday card game: nearly all our cards are convertible. You can take any of our designs and have them made into a handsome calendar card. They mail with regular first-class postage, and keep your firm’s contact information front and center all year long.