Architecture Christmas Cards—Cardphile Makes Them Yours!

by | Nov 28, 2012 | Customer Case Studies | 0 comments

mmmModernist 3501Picky, picky, picky… That’s what you architects are. But at Cardphile, we don’t mind, because we are too!

And we do love designing Christmas cards for architects – after all, that’s where we started way back in 1989 (with the first six cards).

Some of you say “That card is perfect just the way it is.”  And we’re pretty happy when that happens.

Others, and you know who you are, say “Could you move that… line up just a smidge? Hmmm, how about down 1.5 millimeters… That’s good. Now, could you show it to us in a slightly more persimmony color? I have this paint chip I can send you, could you match this paint chip from our wall? Yes? Fantastic! I’ll overnight it to you so you’ll have it first thing in the morning.”

“And you know those little red and blue houses on the front of that card? Could you make them a nice, rich umber color and put our initials on them?”

Followed by… “It looks great now but, um, could you change that font back to Gill Sans after all?”

So if you’re looking for unusual and modern holiday cards for architects, give us a call and talk to a Cardphilean! Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll give you solid advice on the most cost effective ways to customize our greetings and make them your own.

Not too hot. Not too cold… Just right!