Truss Bridge Winter 3920

Truss Bridge Winter 3920

The sturdy trusses of a train bridge in crisp white stand against a twilight sky. A dusting of snow invokes the season, and a festive red band bears a message of “Season’s Greetings” and your company’s name. This bold design has a bit of patriotic feel to it, as well as the overall charm of a warm, heartfelt greeting. Send these engineering Christmas cards and make a valuable connection during the festive season.

Holiday Screen Winter Bridge 3912

Winter Scene Holiday Card with Bridge and Moire Pattern

Imagine you’re riding in a carriage through Paris, or London, or New York on a serene Christmas eve. The horses have just crossed a bridge with lovely stonework rails and lamps aglow. The snowy scene on this card is viewed through a screen, by a passenger with possibly a woolen blanket warming her lap, and her favorite friend by her side. The message “Merry Christmas” looks as though it was hand-lettered with a Victorian-era fountain pen. Your company’s name is set right under the jolly red greeting so the recipient will recognize your goodwill—and good taste—immediately.

The Classic Christmas Card

With our online editor, you can craft your business Christmas card to your specifications. Select a paper stock and finish that will make your greeting really stand out from the crowd. Choose the sentiment for the inside of this card from our selection of verses, or write one of your own. You’re welcome to edit or mix-and-match phrases from any of ours—take all the poetic license you wish! Set the font and color, and maybe have your team members’ signatures or doodles printed inside. Pro-tip: this design would be lovely on our pearlescent paper with an illuminated verse on the interior. Call or log on today to build this beautiful design into custom business holiday cards they’ll remember.

An Equally Classic New Year’s Card

In case the season has gotten away from you, we also have a gallery of new year’s designs perfect for businesses both big and small, international and local. Or consider our calendar cards, a particular value as they mail with first class postage, and keep your contact info on hand all year long. We’ve been helping businesses like yours make that valuable holiday connection for over 30 years. At Cardphile, we’re Making Business Personal Again.

Peaceful Bridge 3129

Corporate Christmas Cards Peaceful Bridge 3129

Corporate Christmas cards in elegant business blue

Enjoy a moment of seasonal serenity with this suspension bridge’s lights glowing through a misty night. A few large and lazy snowflakes drift past a gradated white band which bears your company name as you would like it typeset. personalize your greeting and “build a bridge” of goodwill and holiday cheer from you and your office staff to your valued business associates, and from this year into the next. Send these corporate Christmas cards to your clients, friends, and vendors and make a lasting impression this season.

How far ahead should I order?

Once an oder is submitted, standard designs can ship as quickly as the next day. Custom orders may take 7 to 10 days. Of course, if you have special circumstances, call and talk to one of our holiday specialists to find out how we can accommodate you, and don’t forget to ask about early-season discounts! Browse our FAQs for more information.

Can you print my images?

In a word, yes! Our cards are fully customizable. Besides printing your company name on the front, we can also include a photo or logo inside, staff signatures, originally-composed verse, or any of our other customization options.

We also have a collection of corporate Holiday cards and customizable calendars designed specifically to showcase your photos. If you have any questions, just give us a call. We’re here to help, and to make your holiday season a memorable one. Let us help you design your office’s perfect corporate Christmas greeting.

Frosted Bridge 3329

Gold Glow Christmas Cards for Engineers Frosted Bridge 3329

The trestle towers of a massive suspension bridge are rendered in a gritty modernist textured style, on this elegant holiday greeting card for engineers and construction companies.  The design is seen through a yellow filter, lending the scene a golden hue, as of bright sunlight, prosperity, or the halcyon days of youth.  A subtle pattern of textured boxes of varying transparency is overlaid atop the photorealist image; perhaps as though the scene were viewed from behind panes of frosted glass.  The borders of the card are a professional business blue, making this the perfect holiday message from your firm.

Winters Bridge 2410

Engineering Christmas Cards Winters Bridge 2410

The cable stays of an immense bridge are seen from below on this engineering holiday card.  The viewer is almost directly beneath the sturdy steel support structure, looking up into the winter night sky, as thousands of stars twinkle above in the business blue night.  The marvels of modern architecture and construction are revealed with understated elegance on this holiday greeting card for engineers.

Stone Arch Bridge 3123

Engineering Christmas Cards Stone Arch Bridge 3123

This beautiful architectural holiday card shows the serene image of a stone bridge seen at night in winter. Snow covers the riverbank in the near foreground, while small snowflakes drift downwards from the night sky. The subject of the card is a classic viaduct: an old stone bridge engineered from many conjoined arches. Lamps on the bridge glow with cheerful red Christmas lights in the winter night fog. The bridge crosses a river, its surface so still that a reflection of the bridge is visible in the water. Lights from city skyscrapers are visible in the background, through the near arches of the bridge. This is a perfect corporate holiday card for your architecture, engineering, or construction firm.

Structural Engineering Holiday Card Connections 4014

Structural Engineering Holiday Card Connections 4014

Such excitement and suspense in this charming structural engineering holiday card! A shiny, candy-striped ornament is built into the cables of a steely bridge structure. We’ve included the simple message of “Merry Christmas” on a gleaming red background, and the whole aesthetic is completed with your company’s name right underneath. This design packs so much holiday cheer, even the grown-ups can’t wait for Christmas morning!

A Custom Job

A personalized holiday card is a must. Everyone loves getting (and sending, for that matter) a holiday card. We want yours to stand out from the crowd. That’s why we expand our portfolio with new designs every year, and why we’ve developed an easy-to-use online ordering system. Our design work with your personal touches guarantee a structural engineering card that will make a lasting impression.

Once you’ve found the holiday card design you like, you’ll choose from our selection of fine, heavyweight paper stocks, including satin, pearl, uncoated smooth or textured art paper. Our design team can recommend a paper that will make your holiday greeting really shine. Then you’ll select your typeface, interior sentiment, ink colors, and other custom options. If you have an idea we haven’t thought of, give us a shout. We love to collaborate.

Prompt Turnaround

We won’t leave you hanging. Log on, and you can complete your structural engineering holiday card in about the time it takes to finish your coffee. Standard designs can ship as quickly as the next day from our shop in Oregon. Custom orders may take 7 to 10 days but, if you have special circumstances, contact us to find out how we can accommodate you.

Having said that, if the season’s gotten away from you, we have you covered, with new year’s cards, as well as a selection of handsome calendar cards. We’ve been serving structural engineering firms with quality, custom holiday cards for over 30 years. At Cardphile, we’re making business personal again.

Engineer Christmas Cards Holiday Perspectives 4013

Engineer Christmas Cards Holiday Perspectives 4013

At first glance, a cheerful red card with a simple message of “Season’s Greetings.” This design takes “economy of means” to its limit. A series of well-placed white strokes and some dapple is all you need to describe a snowy city street scene. Customize this design with your company name and make an impression your friends, family, clients, and vendors will remember.

Understated, Modern, Kitchy, or Classical…

We have engineer Christmas cards to suit any style. This design has a retro sister, if you like the dynamic perspective but prefer blue. For the car buffs out there, here’s another red beauty. And anyone who knows us, knows we love playing around with bridge support motifs in our artwork. Our cards are designed to be fully customizable, inside and out.

Once you find the card front you like, you’ll personalize it in our easy-to-use online editor. We have a number of options, including paper stock, typeface, ink color, and optional return address printing. Take a look at our how-to video to see just how many options there are, then you’re on your way to customizing your engineer Christmas cards. You can have your order submitted in about the time it takes to finish a mug of hot cocoa. Cross that one off the to-do list!

Has the Season Gotten Away from You?

It happens. We get it. That’s why we also have a selection of engineer New Year’s cards, also for just about any taste, and also fully customizable, of course. While we’re on the subject of the new year, any of our designs can be made into a handsome calendar card. They mail with regular first-class postage and keep your company contact info on hand for a full year.

At Cardphile, we’re here to make you look good, and we’re Making Business Personal Again.

Architect Christmas Card Classical Snowman 4025

Architect Christmas Card Classical Snowman 4025

This whimsical architect Christmas card features a jolly snowman perched atop a Roman column. Snowflakes dot the gentle blue background. A simple and sincere message of “Season’s Greetings” is carved at the top of the column, and the snowman is holding an oversized pencil branded with your company name. Show ’em your playful side at the holidays, and make a lasting impression.

If You’re Looking for a More Archetypical Christmas Card…

We have you covered. We have some fetching designs that feature stonework as well as a nice selection that draws inspiration from bridge support structures. We’ve made festive use of blueprint paper, and one of our designers has a fascination with spiral staircases. Having said all that, our snowman enjoys a bit of celebrity. You can find him on a number of our cards, and always jolly. We’ve designed our collection to be fully customizable so you know you’ll be sending a truly unique architect Christmas card.

We Know You’re the Creative Pro

And as such, you’ll customize your architect Christmas card with our easy-to-use our online editor in about as long as it takes to finish a cup of coffee. Choose your fonts and personal touches, have your envelopes pre-printed if you wish, choose your quantity and shipping, then plan your signing and mailing party!

If you’re new to Cardphile, it’s worth mentioning that all of our cards can be retrofitted to one of our handsome calendar cards. These beauties mail with first-class postage and feature your business’ contact information so you’re within easy reach all year long.

Our collection is over 30 years in the making. We’re confident you’ll be able to find and build your perfect architect Christmas card order. If you don’t see what you’re looking for, give us a shout. Our design consultants love to collaborate.