Blueprint Snowflake FlapArt Envelopes 1027E

Image of Cardphile's custom FlapArt envelopes with a blueprint snowflake design

Upgrade to our festive FlapArt envelopes, decorated with a detail of a blueprint snowflake in full color, for just .36/each when you have your return address printed. (Price is calculated at $40/thousand for your return address, plus .36/envelope for upgrading to this design.) These premium, white, self sealing envelopes include our festive blueprint snowflake printed along with your return address on the backflap. (Although you can leave the return address area blank if you prefer.)

Blueprint Christmas Cards

Choose from Cardphile’s great selection of Blueprint Christmas Cards and customize online. Click on a design below to get started, or choose from our gallery collection of Architecture Christmas Cards. All available on a variety of card stocks, from Satin AEC to Watercolor Textured ART.


Customizable Construction Christmas Cards: Illuminated Plans 2913
Illuminated Plans 2913
Construction Christmas Cards Corner Office 3326
Corner Office 3326
Architecture Christmas Cards Job Well Done 3921
Job Well Done 3921
Engineering Blueprint Holiday Card Holiday Elevation 2836
Holiday Elevation 2836
Engineering Christmas Cards with a pine bough and plumb bob hanging over civil engineering blueprints
Civil Holiday 3413
Architectural Holiday Card Kicking Back 3851 A marshmallow snowman relaxes in his chocolate hot tub on an architect's desk.
Kicking Back 3851
Architecture Christmas Card Snow Fence 3818 Blue is the color of prosperity, and the little red ornament adds a touch of festivity!
Snow Fence 3818
Architects Christmas Card EnDeering Plans 3807 A sweet origami reindeer ornament dangles over an architect's work table.
Endeering Plans 3807

Blueprint Snowflake Architecture Christmas Card 3942

Blueprint Snowflake Architecture Christmas Card 3942

This Year’s Architecture Christmas Card Will Only be Outdone by Next Year’s

A truly unique blueprint snowflake architecture Christmas card for your holiday expression. This big, bold snowflake drifts into frame to accompany the message of “Merry Christmas” as well as your company’s name in the lower right corner. The understated pale grey and white banded background lets that gentle giant snowflake take center stage. Your recipient will immediately recognize your architecture firm’s good taste and goodwill. 

The blueprint and the snowflake, naturally, show up on a number of architecture cards in our collection. Our blueprint designs are consistent faves, but don’t let that deter you from ordering one. Our personalization options mean that, like any art, you begin with the underlying media, but the final creative expression is uniquely yours. We couldn’t imagine something as important as your holiday marketing being conceived any other way.

Unique? Check. Sustainable? Check.

At Cardphile, we heard the environmental call and, like many in the printing industry, we answered it. The ‘paperless revolution’ came and went, not implementing fully, but ushering in a number of good sustainable business practices that we’ve built into our workflow. After all print remains one of the most impactful forms of artful business communication. So save the day-to-day communications for email, and express your holiday cheer with a real, live card they can hold in their hand.

Our FSC certified papers contain recycled content whenever possible. Give us a shout if you’d like to receive some samples. What’s more, if you need a 100% recycled paper stock for your design, simply contact us. Our holiday consultants love to collaborate. And if you’re working on a LEED certified project, you’re in luck, our cards are printed with carbon neutral wind power! Our sustainable business practices mean you can send your blueprint snowflake or other architecture Christmas cards with confidence.


Snow the Man Blueprint Cards 3950

Snow the Man Blueprint Cards 3950 Chubby snowman shows off a blueprint project

Customizable Blueprint Architecture Christmas Cards

This friendly frosty is proud of your company’s peerless work as he shows off the marvelous plan for the latest project. A blueprint of a grand facade is the backdrop for a charming scene illuminated by glittering snow. A chubby snowman in a scarf and cap greets the viewer, and a bright red sign bears a warm holiday wish with your company’s name. 

We’ve designed our cards to be fully customizable and sustainably produced. As our customers and associates have become more environmentally conscious over the years, so have we. When you design your order, for example, you’ll choose from our paper selections which contain recycled content where possible. If you prefer 100% recycled stock, just contact one of our holiday consultants. And you’ll be pleased to know you’re sending holiday blueprint cards printed with carbon-neutral wind power.

Design Options

Your company name can be set prominently on the front of the card in the little red sign. There are also a number of options for the inside of your card. You’ll be able to choose your typeface and ink colors, and add printed signatures or your logo. You can set up your order in our online editor or contact our design team to discuss other ideas for customizing your blueprint cards. We love to collaborate!

Many Blueprint Cards to Choose From

At Cardphile, we’ve been serving architecture, construction and engineering firms like yours for 30 years. We really like getting creative with everyday tools of the trade, and we’ve incorporated the blueprint motif into a number of our designs. And if you’re looking for something more than blueprint cards this year, you can choose your favorite design for a calendar card. These handy calendars mail with first-class postage and keep your company’s information on hand all year long. Blueprint architecture Christmas cards: 99% effective, 100% appreciated.

Blueprint to Life 9715

Construction Christmas Cards of a Blueprint to Life

Construction Christmas Cards celebrate the common goal of the entire AEC team: engineers, contractors and architects all working to turn a blueprint into reality.

The blueprint is peeled back to reveal the reality, in this creative holiday greeting card for architects and engineering firms.  As the blueprint curls back, a colorful cityscape of corporate blue and Christmas red is revealed.  Stars twinkle in the blue night sky above.  One of the skyscrapers has a subtle Christmas tree at the top; others have unique modern designs.  An illustration of the planning that goes into the built environment, with a “Happy Holidays” greeting written vertically on one side, in architectural lettering.

The inside is fully customizable through our online editor. You can select your paper type, verse, colors and fonts to truly make unique business Christmas cards and memorable greetings for friends and clients. This card also makes a great New Year’s card or even a company holiday party invitation. Looking for something engineering specific? Have a look at these engineering Christmas cards – you can even personalize with your company name on the card front!

If you have any questions, just give us a call. We’re here to help and make your holiday season a memorable one.

Architecture Christmas Cards Winter Corinthian 4140

Architecture Christmas Cards Winter Corinthian 4140 An ornate corinthian capital sketched in shades of blue and a holiday greeting in script font.

A classic beauty, this detailed sketch of a corinthian capital is rendered in gorgeous, medium-contrast blue tone. These ornate carvings are so eye-pleasing, they come up here and there in our collection. The gold-toned version has been one of our more popular selections for years, particularly as a calendar. Either way, when you design your architecture Christmas cards with us, you’re sending a unique greeting that’s sure to make a memorable impression.

Color-Theory Corner: Blue Denotes Dependability, Quality

Our work doesn’t just happen accidentally. We’ve been designing Christmas cards for architecture firms like yours for over 3 decades. If you’re moved by the blue tones, we have more where that came from. This new design pays tribute to the very steel and technology used to erect our modern buildings. This deep, blue beauty brings the humble blueprint into the holiday season of joy. And if you prefer a little playfulness cunningly blended with a vintage music reference, this one may fit the bill.

Consider a Green Architecture Christmas Card

Whether you’re committed to sustainable business practices, or you just like the classic Christmas colors of red and/or green, we’ve got you covered. As you click through our gallery, remember, virtually all of our cards are fully customizable. If you’d like to check out your options, just click on the ‘Design online’ button, and you can noodle around in our online editor. You can customize the front of the card, the inside verse, the blank left panel, and your envelopes.

Not jazzed about the card you’re working on? Click out and try a different one. Still not seeing what you want? Try a calendar card—they mail with first-class postage and keep your contact info front and center all year long. And if you have ideas we haven’t thought of, contact our holiday consultants. We love to collaborate!


Architects Christmas Card Holiday Design Build 4113

Architects Christmas Card Holiday Design Build 4113 Schematics for a gingerbread house, including deliciously decorated cookies!

Let’s build a house together! This cheeky architects Christmas card design features a baking-paper blueprint and deliciously decorated gingerbread ‘elevations’ fresh out of the oven. A jolly cookie man relaxes in a cup of cocoa, and your company name appears on the blueprint, of course. As with most all of our designs, this one is fully customizable, and cute as all get-out!

If you’ve never made a holiday card before, now’s your chance. We’ve been working for you, and firms just like yours, for over 30 years, building a collection of customizable architects Christmas card designs. We started with some classic imagery, and some endearing art reminiscent of a holiday cartoon feature. Over the years, as we worked with and listened to our customers, we broadened our designs. Now we’re pleased to say we have everything from modern, to retro, and even homespun-style artwork for your consideration.

Now… Let’s Build Your Architects Christmas Card

When you find what you’re looking for click the little green “Design online” button. That takes you to our easy-to-use online editor. This is where you’re in creative control. On the front of the card, set your company name the way you like it, then move on to the inside. There you’ll choose your verse, or compose your own, and typeset it to your specifications. Choose the font and ink color, size it just right, even illuminate it if you wish. All that’s left is picking a paper stock, and any envelope or mailing services you might like.

One More Thing…

If you’d like to add some more advanced personal touches like your logo or a photo, or anything we haven’t thought of, reach out. We have holiday design consultants on hand, and we love to hear your ideas. Architects Christmas cards; 99% effective, 100% appreciated.

Architectural Holiday Cards Barn Door Houses 4112

Architectural Holiday Cards Barn Door Houses 4112 A line of little holiday houses in red against a weathered wood background.

What fresh cheer is this?! Pale weathered wood makes such an inviting background for our five little red houses, all decorated up in playful doodles. Your company name will appear in the red band across the bottom of the card, and you get to pick the greeting set off by carefully-placed snowflakes. These architectural holiday cards convey a message of good cheer that is immediately recognizable. That’s the magic of a printed greeting card.

We Design, You Shine

At Cardphile we’ve been producing architectural holiday cards for over 30 years with you in mind. We started with some classics, and have just run with it! This design is downright rustic, but we have cards to suit any taste. Those little houses have popped up in some of our more minimalist art. They can also be found in a snowy setting with one of them playfully sporting antlers and a red Rudolph nose. We’ve also spent some time noodling around with plain old blueprints and have managed to make them festive, merry, and bright.

Customize Your Architectural Holiday Cards

In our online editing tool, you’ll make your holiday cards your very own. Set the type on the front the way you like it and it’s on to design the inside. You’ll choose from our collection of verses, or compose your own. Then you can size it the way you like, set the typeface and ink color, and choose other personal touches. Include your logo under the verse, or a photo on the opposite panel. We can also pre-print signatures, and return addresses on your envelopes, as well other decoration options. A real, live architectural holiday card that can be held in the hand and passed around the office or displayed on the credenza beats an e-card by a tree farm mile! Around here, we call it “sending smiles.”


Christmas Cards for Architects New Gothic 4102

Christmas Cards for Architects New Gothic 4102 A night sky seen through the arches of a gothic structure.

An inspiring view of the heavens through a series of stone arches, these Christmas cards for architects make a dramatic statement. A deep blue, star-studded sky stands behind the unfinished structure of a gothic cathedral. The viewer can even see the streaks of the Milky Way! A stately silver band at the base of the image provides a place to lay in your company’s name.

Of course, right above that is the front and center sentiment. You can choose either “Merry Christmas,” “Happy Holidays,” or “Season’s Greetings.” Straight out of the envelope, your recipient will recognize your good cheer—and good taste—at the holiday season. We’ve been crafting Christmas cards for architects just like you for over 30 years. All of our designs are fully customizable, so you can be sure you’re sending a truly unique greeting.

So Many Christmas Cards for Architects to Choose From

The stunning night sky on this one really gives it its WOW! factor, we think. Having said that, if you prefer, maybe, bright reds, we’ve got you covered. Our design team has also spent a good amount of time making festive use of blueprints in our artwork. We could make suggestions all day long. Or you can hop right over to the Architecture Christmas Cards page and peruse the selections yourself.

Your Perfect Christmas Cards

Once you’ve found the right design, head on over to our online editor—via the green ‘design online’ button—where the magic happens. You’ll make those first two modification to the front of the card and you’re well on your way. Inside, you’ll choose a verse, as well as its font and ink colors, and presto! You’ve got custom Christmas cards for architects in only a few clicks.

Of course there are many more customization options; printed signatures, your logo, return address pre-printed on your envelopes, and many others. Check out our gallery, our how-to video, and give us a shout if you think of an idea for your Christmas cards we haven’t. We love to collaborate!



Origami Christmas Cards Peace Plans II 4046

Origami Christmas Cards Peace Plans II 4046

A blueprint folded into the shape of a dove in flight graces these origami Christmas cards. The bird delivers a simple message of “Peace” on a background of sheets of construction paper in business blue, white, and olive green. This card has a sister version, with a subtle shift of the color palette—more greens and less blue in the background. We typeset your company’s name on the front of these unique origami Christmas cards—the first of many customization options.

You’re the Creative Pro

Wen you log in to our easy-to-use online editor, you’ll design these origami Christmas cards to your specifications. First, you’ll choose a paper stock and finish that will make your greeting really sing. Then you’ll choose the sentiment for the inside from our selection of verses, or write one of your own. You’re welcome to edit or mix-and-match phrases from any of ours—take all the poetic license you wish! Set the typeface and color, and maybe have your team members’ signatures or doodles printed inside. Pro-tip: this artwork looks great on our satin paper with an illuminated verse on the interior.

On Environmental Stewardship

At Cardphile, we love what we do, and we take our carbon footprint seriously. We increasingly get queries about our products from folks who are looking for other conscientious partners in the business community. We’re happy to say we’ve built eco-friendly policies into our day-to-day operations. And we’re always looking for new ways to add environmentally-friendly products to our line. Nearly all of our papers contain recycled content whenever possible, and if you prefer 100% recycled paper, simply contact us and we’ll make it happen. In addition, you can send your origami Christmas cards with confidence, as all our cards are printed with carbon-neutral wind power.

Customized Christmas cards, 99% effective and 100% appreciated.