The Higgs Boson Corporate Holiday Card… We Couldn’t Resist

by | Jul 9, 2012 | News & Announcements | 0 comments

But now we have a Higgs Boson Particle Dilemma.

Now that we know it exists, our designers were determined to make it visible to the rest of the world – so we told them to have a go at it. We’re not sure what those crazy astrophysicists at CERN will be up to next, but for Cardphile the next big hurdle is to determine the accent color to be used on our latest design—the new Higgs Boson holiday greeting card!

Higgs Boson holiday greeting card for architects and engineers—classic design

Higgs Boson Classic

Higgs Boson holiday greeting card for architects and engineers—sporty

Higgs Boson Sporty

The boson particle is playfully depicted in a galaxy of electronic ångströmic matter and framed with an atomic scale along both the x and y axis… (You’re right, we really don’t know what we’re talking about here, but we were inspired by the discovery – and we think this might be the perfect business Christmas card for the nerdy firms among you!)
The problem is, our greeting card designers came up with two versions, and we’re having a little trouble deciding which one should make it into the Cardphile Fall 2012 Holiday Greeting Card Catalog – will you help us decide?

Option one is set in a classic white frame, while option #2 is a bit more racy with its bright red accents.

Please help us out and Vote Now to break the stalemate!