Winter Village Blue 3545

Designing business holiday cards is something we take seriously, and Winter Village Blue is a great example. This card depicts a brightly colored, stylized village in a winter setting. The village rests against a backdrop of wintry white trees and snow flakes, all of which are set off by a vibrant blue gradient sky. The bottom of the card is a reflected image of the snow banks and the sky.

This card allows you to select the holiday greetings message of your choice. Pick from Merry Christmas, Season’s Greetings, Happy Holidays or Happy Hanukkah.

Use Your Creativity on Our Holiday Cards for Business

You can select the typeface and size for each. In addition the interior of the card has these personalization options:

  • You can select a verse from our collection, write your own, and even “illuminate” your verse in our online editor.
  • You’ll also select your fonts,
  • and the color for your verse and company name, all for free.

Mailing out business holiday cards at the end of the year is part greeting, part thank you and part marketing. With years of experience crafting holiday cards for business, you can trust Cardphile to make sure your Christmas messages are of the highest quality and the most distinctive.

You may also consider this lovely forest scene with glowing white, abstract trees on a background of rich indigo. If you’re looking for warmer tones you’ll want to have a look at this design’s fetching “sister.”

Making the Most of Your Chosen Design

These designs look nice on any of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified papers we offer. However, it really sings on our FSC certified pearlescent paper. The paper has a slight warm tone which complements the colors used in the card, and the shimmery card stock makes the image glow.

If you need something more custom, call us, we can help. Cardphile has a team of experienced designers and our own production facility — we leave nothing to chance so your business holiday cards are guaranteed to be memorable.

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These Holiday Cards for Business Feature a Stylized Village Scene Set Against a Bright Indigo Blue Sky, and Make a Unique Impression. ~

Helpful Info:

View and download a PDF proof and add your final design to your cart from the design editor.
Options such as adding a logo or signatures to your card or upgrading envelopes will be available from your cart.
Questions? Call 1-800-774-5857
Weight 0.07 lbs
Dimensions 7.25 × 5.25 × 0.048 in
Card Stock

Satin (AEC), Uncoated (SMO), Pearlescent (SGP), Silver Metallic (SGS), WaterColor Texture (ART)

2 reviews for Winter Village Blue 3545

  1. Office Manager (verified owner)

    This is a great card. The colors are vibrant and it suits most businesses.

  2. Natalie Wilson

    This card was a huge success!!

    We are a mid-sized medical staffing firm, and last year we went looking for a Holiday card that the look would represent our culture, which is unique, modern, yet also classy!
    And this card delivered!

    Cardphile did a gorgeous job adding our logo, too!
    The process was pain-free, they discussed every detail with us directly and answered all of our questions, which is very important as the cards not only represent our firm, but they go up on walls and fireplace mantels and are kept for years!
    It was also the first time we’ve ever heard any feedback from our staff about our Cards;
    one employee commenting on how they appreciated the more modern look!

    This year we’ve picked yet another gorgeous card from Cardphile and are working with them on the final details now!
    But I’d feel remiss not to let the world know what a hit Winter Village Blue 3545 was!
    I highly recommend this card; you won’t regret it!

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