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Showing 1–12 of 100 results

Corporate Holiday Cards are a great way to get some personal time with your clients. What distinguishes a Corporate Holiday Card from other mail that your client may get is that it arrives in that specially sized 5X7 greeting card envelope. When announcement style envelopes are sent out, corporate mailroom employees know that it's personal and needs to be delivered directly to the addressee and not to an assistant. Here's an example of one of our most popular corporate Christmas cards, suitable for any client.

There are lots of opportunities to show client appreciation: Thanksgiving cards for business, Business Christmas cards, even business New Years cards and Hanukah etc. - whatever suits you. Your card should have the appropriate corporate holiday card message for the occasion and type of relationship you have with your clients. If you're wondering what to write in a business Christmas card, Cardphile has a large selection of corporate holiday card messages to select from, or you can write one of your own using our online editor. You can make your own personalized Christmas cards easily with our online editor - see how! Be unique - be you - share your company culture with clients and vendors to build great relationships.

Some things to take into consideration when selecting your Corporate Holiday Greeting Cards are: quality of the greeting card stock itself, quality of the design (humor is fine, but you don't want to look unprofessional), the content of the corporate holiday greeting printed on the inside of your cards (be creative and original if you can) and lastly, and most importantly, the quality of the printing.

Sending Corporate Holiday Greetings should be a fun experience and one which everyone in the corporate world can look forward to this holiday season. It's just good business to say thank you to your clients and to let them know that you appreciate their business.

Cardphile has a large selection of Business Holiday Cards as well as uniquely designed Architecture Christmas cards, Engineering Christmas cards and Construction Christmas cards as well. Have a look at one of our most popular architect Christmas cards Holiday Plans.  If you're in business,  we have Creative Corporate Holiday Cards that will fit any occasion and taste. We look forward to working with you and your company this year - give us a call!