How to Keep in Touch with Clients | Part One

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In spite of the fact that Americans seem to take fewer vacations than the rest of the world, many of us still face the challenge of how to connect regularly with clients, especially over the summer. It seems to be even more difficult to make regular contact when we’re distracted by the heat, the kids, and the sun.

The Problem:

  •     Face it, your contacts are busy. Very busy.
  •     Emails bounce or get buried in the inbox.
  •     A phone call may be an unwelcome interruption.

Let’s say you need to keep in touch with your client, the administrator of a hospital or other large organization. You’ve done business in the past, and you want to be sure your firm is considered for any new projects. How will you know if your contact moves on to another position within the organization or even to another firm?

Make professional, business thank you cards an important part of your business marketing collateral.

Business Thank You Note Cards

Business Thank You Notes—Keep You Connected

One easy (and effective) way to stay in touch and keep contact information current is to mail business greeting cards. For the amazing price of a 44 cent stamp, the post office will transport your business note card across town, or across the country, and deliver it into the real, personal mail box of your recipient. Not only that, but they’ll even send it all the way back to you if the address you have on file is no longer correct. And if it’s a recent move, they’ll provide you with the new address. Now that’s good value!

Suppose you discover that your client has moved onwhat a perfect opportunity to reach out and connect again. Learn more about what’s going on in their world and how your firm might help. Maybe a business note of congratulations is in order, or perhaps it will be more appropriate to thank them for their previous business and wish them well in the new position. Either way, you’ve established fresh contact without being a nuisance, and you’ve demonstrated that you actually value the relationship enough to go to a little extra trouble to keep in touch. Who do you think will come (favorably) to mind next time your services are needed for a referral – you or the guy who robo-calls every other Tuesday?

Remember, reaching clients and customers in multiple ways is important, and you’ll be amazed how your real paper “object” (a hand written, corporate logo note card or elegant business thank you note) arriving in the mail stands apart from the digital clutter to connect you again with your client. And if high quality products or service are an important aspect of your business, be sure that you take the time to select high quality thank you cards for business that will represent your brand well. Better yet, keep custom corporate logo note cards on hand—they are perfect for a wide range of messages and will help to build your brand identity each and every time you use them.

See this post, 3 Tips for Business Thank You Cards – Good Manners Still Count, for more on how to make your business thank you cards stand out.

How do you keep your company connected to current and future clients?