In the Field 3416

This engineer Christmas card features a festive snowman sporting a jaunty winter cap, strolling along a snow-covered avenue in a city. Lovely tall buildings stand in the background and he has rolled-up architectural blueprints under one arm. Of course his coat has an engineering pocket protector, a must for any self-respecting engineer!

This snowman is out in the field, verifying the specifications for your company’s holiday message to your clients, vendors, and friends.

Make it a Stand Out by Adding Your Logo to Pocket, Cap, or Both!

Pro-tip: We can add your logo to his cap and/or his pocket. Our design team will manipulate your logo (think transparencies and fancy curves) so it looks natural, not just slapped on like a sticker! We’ve been customizing engineer Christmas cards for firms just like yours for over 30 years. It’s what we do.

If your architecture or engineering firm would rather mail Thanksgiving cards for business to your clients, you’ll want to also consider our engineering holiday card Thanksgiving Perspective, featuring your company name on the front. Look here for many more engineering Christmas cards and over here to see the largest selection of architecture holiday cards too.

To add your logo, just place your order online and then email us your art with any instructions (please reference your order #). We’ll ALWAYS send you a final proof for your approval prior to printing of course. Make sure to add our Card Front Logo and Logo products to your cart before your check out.

An Engineer Christmas Card To Make Them Smile

If you’re looking for something a bit more literal, with blue-printy buildings and all, consider these fun construction Christmas cards  or our architecture holiday cards – both selections have lots to choose from!

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Let This Jaunty Little Snowman Greeting Card Represent Your Company. NOTE: Want your logo or company name on his pocket or hat as shown here? Want to have your logo featured on his pocket or cap? Be sure to add our Card Front Logo and Logo products to your cart before you check out. Our professional designers will carefully scale, place and curve to fit. (See below.)

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Weight 0.05 lbs
Dimensions 7.25 × 5.25 × 0.048 in
Card Stock

Satin (AEC), Uncoated (SMO), Pearlescent (SGP), Silver Metallic (SGS), WaterColor Texture (ART)

5 reviews for In the Field 3416


    I really enjoyed the whimsy inherent in this card.

  2. pinklily10 (verified owner)

    We love the designs that Cardphile comes out with – our clients always enjoy receiving them!

  3. bdevaul (verified owner)

    We loved this card! It was one of the best we’ve ever purchased. Our logo is rather large and Cardphile was still able to squeeze it onto the image. It looked great!

  4. Villarruel Architects

    We have been a customer of Cardphile since 2007. Every year we purchase the 12 month calendar. We purchased this card model 3416 in the 12 month calendar design and it turned out Great. We received many compliments from our clients. Thank you Cardphile.

    • Carey

      Thanks so much for the kinds words, you guys. And for tracking down the card product to review! We enjoyed customizing the design for you and I’ve put the art guys on notice that they have to take your advice – we’ll be adding this design to the calendar options in 2020.

  5. Joseph Krawiec

    We have been ordering cards longer than I can remember.
    Every year we are more than satisfied, the designs are wonderful and the customer service is above and beyond.

    • Carey

      Hi Joe, thanks so much for your very kind words – we love working with you guys each year too! Apologies for the delay in reply, we are, ahem, just getting around to some website housecleaning… We look forward to chatting again when you pick your card out later this year 🙂

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