3 Tips for Business Thank You Cards—Good Manners Still Count!

by | Feb 4, 2011 | News & Announcements | 0 comments

Remember when Mom used to nag you to mail that thank you card after someone helped you out? Well, if your mother was a slacker in the manners department, we’re here to take her place! The world can always use a little more nice, and the business world is no exception. So don’t forget—sometimes it’s the little things that bring you the business.

3 Tips for Business Thank You Cards:

1. Don’t Type!

Your business thank you card should always be hand-written, hand-signed and hand-addressed. Since you care enough to say thank you in the first place, take the extra effort to select professional quality thank you cards, and then write your note by hand. Your thoughtfulness will be appreciated and remembered in a world where many have forgotten their manners! (Here’s an earlier article if you want to learn more about how printed paper communications build a stronger connection than digital.)

2. Keep a Supply on Hand!

Save time and money by keeping a supply of thank you cards on hand, along with the stamps to mail them. It’s just like eating your veggies; you’re more likely to do it if they’re washed and ready to go. While you’re at it, have your return address printed on your envelopes—it’s elegant and appropriate for both business and personal use. One of our favorite tools for business use is Cardphile’s corporate logo, custom notecards. Personalized with your own logo, just the right size and suitable for any occasion, they’re an elegant way to promote your brand in business communications.

Evernote to Keep Track of Business Thank You Notes3. Keep Track!

Want to keep track of what you said? Evernote is a terrific tool for keeping a digital record of your handwritten thank you cards. The best part? Handwritten notes are searchable in Evernote—it’s magic! Just download the Evernote app to your smartphone, take a picture of what you wrote in your note, and email or upload the image to your free Evernote account – you’ll never have to worry about remembering what you said! For example, here’s a screen shot from my Evernote account: I could find this note in my account not only by searching for its label or tag, but even for whatever I can remember of the handwritten content – like “product pages” — how cool is that?!

Got a Suggestion for #4?

We’d love to hear how & when you use personal thank you cards to keep in touch with clients and business associates. Just let us know in the comments below and we’ll enter you in our monthly drawing for a free pack of Cardphile’s all purpose note cards with personalized envelopes to match.