Holiday Elevation 2836

Engineering Blueprint Holiday Card Holiday Elevation 2836

A beautiful house design is rendered on the architectural blueprint on the front of this holiday greeting card for your firm.  We customize this card for you, and print your company name at the bottom of the card, in the position where a blueprint would normally state the name of the architecture firm.  The house design is superimposed with holly leaves; most of them in relief-white, but one very special sprig with green leaves and red berries of the holiday season.  A cheerful red ribbon in the lower right corner intersects the design at an oblique angle, superimposed with a professional message of “Happy Holidays.”  This card is the perfect holiday greeting from your architecture, engineering, or construction company to your clients.

Illumination 2504

Illumination 2504

A beautiful spiral of stained glass windows turns inward to a glowing oculus in this colorful architectural holiday card. A friendly “Season’s Greetings” message is typeset at the bottom of the image, curving along with the turn of the spiral design. The stained glass windows show modern, abstract designs in a contemporary color scheme that favors corporate blue and Christmas red, mingled with yellow and green. The card’s background is a rich brown gradient transitioning to black at the edges. The glow at the center is bright as the midday sun. For added shine and shimmer, the image is printed on our special pearlescent gloss card stock. When customized with your message inside the card, this illumination sends the perfect holiday greeting from your business to your clients.

Rennie Mack 2534

Architecture Holiday Cards Rennie Mack 2534

This simple and modern Christmas card is the perfect greeting from your architecture or engineering firm. An abstract design in the style of Scottish architect and modernist Charles Rennie Mackintosh is subtly construed so that the cheerful red squares are gift-wrapped Christmas presents; and the contrasting green circles appear to be dangling Christmas tree ornaments. If you like simple, spare design, you’ll definitely want to see our Just Enough architecture Christmas card too – it could be the perfect vehicle for your firm’s business Christmas cards messages this year!

Golden Globes 2706

Golden Globes 2706

Three golden globes grace this corporate holiday greeting card. The three globes are rotated so that each displays a different part of the world, decorated with lines of latitude and longitude. The colorful stripe at the bottom of the card has a gradient glowing glint of gold. The textured background of the image has a subtle green tint, while the globes shine in the light. Wish your clients prosperity and peace with this professional greeting card this Christmas season.

Holiday Compass 2312

Holiday Compass 2312 A bold green design for these engineering company holiday cards

This simple yet elegant layout makes use of one of the oldest tools of the trade to deliver your Season’s Greetings. A dramatic color shift and an artfully placed drafting compass make for a bold design. The clean lines in white against the festive green gradient whisper of drafts and drawings, divine inspiration. When you send customized engineering company holiday cards, you’re making a valuable and memorable connection.

It’s All About You

We’ve spent over 30 years working to keep your engineering company top-of-mind with your clients, and we have a broad selection of holiday cards to show for it. As you browse our site, think about your aesthetic. What do your associates know about you? Is your firm young and hip, or classical? Does your team vibe city or hometown? Are your favorite projects modern, or vintage?

When you find the right artwork, you’re ready to make it your own. Hit the little green “Design online” button and head over to our editor. You’ll choose the typeface and verse for the inside, and pick ink colors, and of course, the very paper it’s printed on. And while we’re on the subject of paper…

Engineering Company Holiday Cards You Can Send With Confidence

We became aware quite a while ago that as printers, we have a particular duty to be the best stewards of the environment we can be, and to reduce our carbon footprint. We’ve implemented a number of practices in our day-to-day ops that reduce waste, but that’s just a start, isn’t it? We’re proud to say that all our papers use recycled content wherever possible. And if you prefer 100% recycled stock, just contact us and we’ll make it happen. More than that, our cards are produced with carbon-neutral wind power at our shop in Oregon.

Custom engineering company holiday cards, 99% effective, 100% appreciated. 

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Holiday Greeting Cards for Architects + Wind Turbines?

Photo © Tim Hursley

At Cardphile Greeting Cards, we have some cool stuff designed and built in our own backyard. Like this recently completed green building in Portland, designed by Zimmer Gunsul Frasca Architects (ZGF) with lots of eco-bling!

We love the Skystream turbine array on top – apparently it’s not that easy to put wind turbines on a building and not drive the occupants crazy, but Skystream has figured it out – nicely designed too.

And not that we’re bragging, but Cardphile began sourcing windpower for our design and production studios many years ago. You can rest assured that all the custom corporate holiday cards for architects and personalized engineering holiday cards you’ve been sending to your clients have been sustainably designed and printed with the highest recycled paper content available.

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5 Reasons to Send Real Paper Greeting Cards to Clients

Printed Cards Instead of E-Cards
Printed Holiday Cards Make a More Substantial Impression Than E-Cards
  1. e-Cards are known virus carriers and therefore filtered by most business email servers—they don’t even reach the inbox of many of your customers and vendors.
  2. When was the last time you “deleted” a real greeting card you received in the mail, without even opening it?
  3. Contrast: While your competition may be sending ” e-Greeting Cards” to express their appreciation… your traditional, personalized holiday greeting cards clearly demonstrate the greater value you place on the relationship.
  4. Deeper personal connections lead to stronger business relationships; and Paper leaves a deeper emotional footprint than digital. (see the data below)
  5. Cardphile’s Corporate Holiday Cards are designed and printed in the US, using only FSC certified papers and recycled content up to 100%. We also made the choice, well over 6 years ago, to source all of the power for our design & production facilities from 100% clean wind power farms in Oregon—we’ve been “green” since before it was fashionable!

The Details:

One of our long time customers, a mid sized architectural design build firm, asked us recently whether they should try sending e-Cards to their clients in place of real paper holiday greeting cards, and whether Cardphile could supply them.

So we were completely thrilled to be able to share this great article we just discovered: Paper leaves a deeper emotional footprint than digital.

It includes a link to an interesting case study by Millward Brown, a UK marketing firm, detailing their research. Guess what?  “real” printed media generates more emotion than virtual, thereby leading to more positive brand association.

So if you’re really serious about building good relationships with your clients, vendors, and prospects, don’t fill their in boxes with more emails to file. Instead, create a lasting, and enjoyable, impression by mailing them a high quality, unique, and personalized holiday greeting card.

Whether you’re looking for construction law greeting cards, holiday cards for architects, or just really interesting custom Christmas cards for business, we love to help your message stand out.

At Cardphile, every single design we make can be personalized with your thoughtfully written holiday greeting for free. Create even more of a lasting impression when you include your full color logo or printed signatures. And if you’re looking for custom holiday cards, we do that too!

Your overall marketing program should include personalized corporate holiday cards for your clients and vendors. Cardphile has 100’s of unique & non-denominational holiday greeting card designs, suitable for recipients of any faith, so you can express your best wishes to all.

People remember, paper—not pixels!