Architecture Holiday Cards

Created specifically for the architectural profession, Cardphile has been creating the nation’s largest collection of architecture holiday cards since 1989!

Celebrate this holiday season with your clients by sending them Architecture Holiday Cards that reflect your profession. Cardphile has offered the country’s largest selection of Christmas cards designed specifically for architects since 1989! You may also want to see our New Year’s Cards and Thanksgiving Cards selections where you will also find many architecture themed holiday cards.

Our gallery collection of architectural cards are designed in house by designers who know and understand the profession. We use contemporary themes, architectural elements, design forms and planning principals common to the practice of architecture. All elements and forms are arranged and formatted into pleasing and professional compositions – sometimes sophisticated and sometimes playful – but never cartoonish. Many of our architectural Christmas cards reflect on great architects of the past and artists like Le Corbusier, Frank Lloyd Wright and Piet Mondrian.

We leave nothing to chance when designing and producing the highest quality professional Christmas cards to represent your firm. All of our architecture holiday cards are both designed and produced at our Oregon Design Center (ODC) in the Portland Metro area. Our design and production groups work as a team with the shared goal of creating the best possible business holiday cards to represent the professionalism of your firm.

Visit our Business Holiday Cards collection if you’re looking for holiday greetings with less industry specific themes. Have fun browsing our extensive collections, and then personalize your greetings on line. Many designs allow you to add both a greeting and your company name to the card face. Our online editor allows you to select from one of our curated holiday verses, or to write one of your own or even select an illuminated verse. If you find an architectural holiday card design that would be just perfect with maybe a slight edit to the design to change color or incorporate your logo (we call those “card front mods”), give us a call. Custom card front mod fees run just $55, include proofs of course, and you will end up with a completely custom holiday card. Want to add logo and signatures? Just give us a call – we’ll take care of things to make sure your cards print with the highest resolution and your logo and/or signatures always look professional. You may also find that our Construction themed Christmas cards or some of our Engineering Christmas Cards fit the bill perfectly too, so have a look there as well!

If you love our design style, but would prefer a completely custom christmas card, we can also help there too.  Every year we produce thousands of custom Architects Christmas Cards. One of our designers will work with you to create the perfect card to represent you and your company. Design teams at our ODC, have worked with hundreds of companies and corporations to create the perfect holiday greeting for their organization.

Our high quality cards stocks are all FSC certified, and we have a range to choose from: uncoated, satin, pearlescent and textured papers.