OSHA Compliant Construction Holiday Cards!

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3102 I-Beam-Happier!

Before and After We Fitted the Hook With a Safety Latch

At Cardphile, we’re big enough to get the job done right, but not so big we can’t listen and respond quickly to your feedback. Read our latest tale from the business holiday card front lines:

One of our early construction holiday card designs (I-Beam Happy) is a perennial favorite among those of you who have been ordering construction Christmas cards from Cardphile for many years. Strangely, it had disappeared from our website for awhile and when some of you complained about its absence and asked if it was still available, we popped it back onto the site. (If you have a favorite that you don’t see, by the way, just give us a call, it may still be available.)

It wasn’t long before a brand new customer called, in distress.

Their team really loved the design and felt it was the perfect construction greeting card to represent their company, BUT our hook was not OSHA compliant—OH NO!

  • Customer Service immediately sprinted to the art department (OK it’s only about 25 feet away), to see if we could fix the problem.
  • Our original, archived art files were quickly opened and reviewed.
  • OSHA Compliant safety hooks were researched.

And then,

  • Art Department people high-tailed it back to Customer Service:

Voila! We now offer what we believe is the very first, OSHA Compliant Construction Holiday Greeting Card for Architects, Engineers and Construction companies: AEC 3102 – OSHA Compliant I-Beam Happy! Or do you think we should call it, “I-Beam Happier?”

At Cardphile, “Safety is #1!” Well, right after listening to all of you, of course.

So, if you want to be sure your business Christmas cards are OSHA Compliant, just give us a call. We’re not only safe, but we use recycled and FSC certified papers, and our production facilities are 100% wind-powered!

Browse through our Construction, Engineering and Architectural Holiday Card Categories and let us know if you discover any other safety violations – we’ll fix them too!