Add Printed Signatures

images of christmas cards with printed signatures, both hand written and script font types

Christmas cards with printed signatures look impressive, and can save you lots of time. We have a few ways to add signatures to your business Christmas cards. We can scan and place your real, hand written signatures for you for a very professional look – OR, we have our “Scripty Sigs” options available if you’re running out of time or looking for a more economical option.

Give us a call and we’ll help you decide which option works best for you, or read on below. 1.800.774.5857

We Scan and Place Your Signatures For You – Sharp & Professional

To have us scan your actual signatures with our high res scanner, just add the appropriate signature “product” to your cart after you finish editing your card front and interior greeting online. You’ll want to choose the product that gives you the number of ink colors you’re looking for (same color as verse, different color than verse, or ALL the colors) – and we’ll do the rest.  We’ll be in touch as soon as we receive your order, and will be sending you a signature template along with detailed instructions. And we are always here to answer questions if a phone call is easier.

Our Scripty Sigs Are a Great Option Too

If it’s late in the season, or you just prefer the look of your names printed in scripty style fonts, we can do that too. It’s faster since we’ll just need to add them to your proof based on the list of names you provide. Just give us a call to add this to your order.

Either Way, Your Business Christmas Cards With Printed Signatures Will Stand Out