Add New Printed Signatures 2002S

Once we have your signatures scanned, we keep them on file for you to use on future orders at no additional charge!

Some things to know:

  • Our “Add New Printed Signatures” fee includes scanning (or cleaning up your emailed digital signatures) so they are suitable for high quality off-set printing in the same color as your verse.
  • Just add this product to your cart and, once you’ve selected your holiday card, personalized it online and placed your order, we’ll contact you to collect your signatures.
  • We will always email you a proof for approval prior to printing – you will be able to see exactly how the printed signatures on your business Christmas cards will look.
  • Want to upgrade to full color printed signatures? You can choose from traditional holiday colors (red, green, blue, etc.) or we can match to your logo, coordinate with your card design, or any other color you choose. (An additional $95/M (per thousand cards) applies to full color inside card printing, and can also include your verse and optional logo in full color too – just add Full Color 1001FC to your cart)
  • We’ll even do a creative sprinkling of colors: you can send us “color-coded” instructions for who gets to be what color.
  • Want the boss’s signature front and center? Just let us know and we can move things around per your instructions.

How to get your signatures to us (we have options):

  • After placing your order, we can email you a signature template with instructions for collecting staff signatures, and then mailing back to us for scanning.
  • Already have staff signatures digitized, but not sure of the quality? We’ll take a look and either fix them for you, or provide other options.
  • Everybody all spread out? Give us a call and we can figure out what is best (and easiest) for you! 800.774.5857.
It’s easy to order!


Let us save you time by printing your signatures on your business holiday cards. It’s just $55 to have us make a high-res scan of your actual signatures, and then print them inside your cards in the same color as your verse*. We always make sure your hand written signatures look crisp and real, never fuzzy.

* To print your signatures in a different or multiple colors, add Full Color Inside Your Cards 1001FC to your cart too. See below to learn more.

Helpful Info:

View and download a PDF proof and add your final design to your cart from the design editor.
Options such as adding a logo or signatures to your card or upgrading envelopes will be available from your cart.
Questions? Call 1-800-774-5857


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