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As we depict in our acoustic engineering holiday card “Keeping it Below 80dB”, warm seasonal sounds emit from a single point source. The sounds then ripple cheerfully through an abstract holiday landscape in an OSHA approved way. This is a great business holiday card for engineers and acoustical or sound engineers. Are you an architectural firm designing concert halls or auditoriums? If so, this engineering Christmas card is a great choice for your company too.

Looking for more “sound relevant” or acoustic engineering holiday cards?

Seasonal Sound is another great holiday card design for acoustic engineers, and it too can be personalized online for free. If you are looking for a more traditional business holiday card for acoustic engineers, you might want to take a look at Do You Hear What I Hear, created by special request for a long time Cardphile customer and engineering firm in the acoustical engineering space.

Have fun browsing our gallery collection engineering cards and see what you find. We can always modify and customize any of our designs for you too, since they are designed and crafted exclusively by Cardphile in our own little design and production workshops!

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Read on to protect your hearing: OSHA has set the standard for what is safe and reasonable for prolonged exposure to sound to prevent hearing loss. Acoustical engineers design to this standard of 80 decibels. However, many situations may require a lower level of noise, for example your office. That being said, there are many situations in which the standard may be breached. One I can think of is your yearly office holiday party. There is always a “Ned” present who is joyfully breaking the sound barrier with his off key rendition of his favorite song.

Whether you’re caroling or at a concert, you will most likely be exposed to sound spikes of joy which will far exceed the OSHA limit. While that’s probably OK for short stints, we remind you to be safe and protect your hearing by using ear protection for any long term exposure. Safety is #1 at Cardphile, well, along with great holiday card designs that represent your business 🙂


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Satin (AEC), Uncoated (SMO), Pearlescent (SGP), Silver Metallic (SGS), WaterColor Texture (ART)


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