Holiday Beaming 3513

Construction Christmas Cards

Construction Christmas Cards designed specifically with contractors and builders in mind. Holiday Beaming 3513 is a great example of our Construction Holiday Cards. This construction company holiday card design illustrates beautifully the long-standing tradition, stemming from 8th Century Scandinavia, and proudly celebrates the topping off of a construction project in a festive seasonal fashion. The reddish primer painted structural steel super structure contrasts nicely against the inky blue winter sky. Carefully placed on the outer limit of the beam extension, of course—in an OSHA compliant fashion, is a Christmas Tree. The tree is sprinkled with Christmas lights, bathing it in a warm holiday glow as snow lightly floats down to the buildings far below. This card really underscores the phrase, “not a creature was stirring”.

These Construction Christmas Cards have some very cool personalization options. One of our designers, if you wish, can add your company name to a commemorative plaque mounted to the web of the wide flange beam for only $55.00. The personalization is so realistic it looks like your company just did finish this project. This card will keep your holiday momentum on schedule and on budget!

If you are on the hunt for a construction themed holiday card suitable for clients of any faith, Building Your Gift might be the card for you. We have many more examples of Cardphile’s extensive line of Construction Company Christmas Cards. Having the industry’s largest selection of construction themed holiday cards, we’re sure that your company will find the perfect construction holiday cards to represent your company this year – so have fun browsing the collection! 

Personalization options

Want to add your logo or company name on a plaque to the main horizontal beam? Place your order online and then email us your logo (please reference your order #). Our professional designers will scale and place for a super realistic look. We’ll send you a final proof for your approval prior to printing of course. Just make sure to add our Card Front Logo and Logo products to your cart before your check out. (That’s $95 for new logos, or just +$55 if we already have your logo on file.)

We also have many personalization options available to you free online. Holiday Beaming has three options on the card inside. You can select one of our curated holiday verses, write a greeting of your own or try an illuminated verse. In addition, you can select your font colors and font style for both your company name and greeting.

If you would like additional modifications or customization, we have designers on staff who love to work with construction companies just like yours!


Cardphile has a great selection of heavy weight card stocks. The stocks range from satin, uncoated smooth, pearlescent to textured art papers. Every paper is FSC certified and if you’re working on a LEED certified project, great, you can proudly send out your Christmas cards printed with carbon neutral wind power!

Custom Options

Should you have something else in mind, we can help. Cardphile designs and produces thousands of custom Christmas Cards every year. All you need to do is call us and tell our holiday consultants what you’re thinking and we’re off to the races. We look forward to working with you this holiday season!

It’s easy to order!


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Discount per quantity

Quantity Price % Discount
1 - 49 $4.930000$6.080000 -
50 - 74 $2.992510$3.690560 39.3%
75 - 99 $2.834750$3.496000 42.5%
100 - 124 $2.766716$3.412096 43.88%
125 - 149 $2.595645$3.201120 47.35%
150 - 174 $2.456619$3.029664 50.17%
175 - 199 $2.456619$3.029664 50.17%
200 - 249 $2.339285$2.884960 52.55%
250 - 299 $2.253503$2.779168 54.29%
300 - 349 $2.150466$2.652096 56.38%
350 - 399 $2.077009$2.561504 57.87%
400 - 449 $1.999608$2.466048 59.44%
450 - 499 $1.936997$2.388832 60.71%
500 - 549 $1.873893$2.311008 61.99%
550 - 599 $1.861568$2.295808 62.24%
600 - 649 $1.861568$2.295808 62.24%
650 - 699 $1.835932$2.264192 62.76%
700 - 749 $1.823607$2.248992 63.01%
750 - 799 $1.760503$2.171168 64.29%
800 - 849 $1.748178$2.155968 64.54%
850 - 899 $1.698385$2.094560 65.55%
900 - 949 $1.659931$2.047136 66.33%
950 - 999 $1.659931$2.047136 66.33%
1000 - 1249 $1.609645$1.985120 67.35%
1250 - 1499 $1.609645$1.985120 67.35%
1500 - 1999 $1.446462$1.783872 70.66%
2000 - 4999 $1.358215$1.675040 72.45%
5000 - 9999 $1.320747$1.628832 73.21%
10000+ $1.307929$1.613024 73.47%

And You Will Be Beaming Too When You Pick This One For Your Construction Company Christmas Cards. Add Your Company Name Onto A Plaque in the Beam for Just $55, or your logo for $95. (For this option, be sure to add our Card Front Logo and Logo products to your cart before you check out.  See below.)

Helpful Info:

View and download a PDF proof and add your final design to your cart from the design editor.
Options such as adding a logo or signatures to your card or upgrading envelopes will be available from your cart.
Questions? Call 1-800-774-5857
Weight 0.07 lbs
Dimensions 7.25 × 5.25 × 0.048 in
Card Stock

Satin (AEC), Uncoated (SMO), Pearlescent (SGP), Silver Metallic (SGS), WaterColor Texture (ART)


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