Christmas Cards Verses

Wondering what to write in a business Christmas card?

We have a number of pre-written holiday greeting card verses, including Christmas cards verses (scroll down!), Thanksgiving verses for cards, as well as New Year verses which can be identified by number below.

Feel free to use them as is, or edit and modify them to suit your needs – we think using your original ideas is always the best way to go. You’ll also find them included in the “Select a Verse” template for each card after you click “Personalize” for the design you have selected. You can select from different fonts, from san serif to cursive, sizes and colors the make your design look just as you wish. (Learn more about how to customize your business holiday cards online here – personal ones too of course! We even have some spiffy illustrated verses available to you when you personalize our products online:

Christmas cards verses sample of an illustrated holiday message
This is an example of our illuminated verses – Illuminated Vs #5 – when you personalize online.

Many of you have come up with some pretty creative verses on your own, and we’ll be sharing them (with permission, of course) on our Sample Greeting Card Verses Page soon. Drop us an email if you have a good one to include! Remember, the best Christmas card verses are the one that have meaning to you and your recipients.

To write you own verse from scratch, or modify any of these, be sure to choose the “Verse 5 or Write Your Own” template from the far right Designs Menu, and you’ll be able to play around to your heart’s content!

Verse 1:

Thank you
for your friendship and goodwill.
We sincerely wish you all the happiness
that a prosperous and successful
New Year will bring.


Verse 2:

Season’s Greetings
and Best Wishes for
the New Year!


Verse 3:

Wishing you
a wonderful Holiday Season
with happiness and prosperity
throughout the coming year!


Verse 4:

Merry Christmas
best wishes for
a Happy New Year!


Verse 5:

All of us at
(Your Company Name)
wish you a joyous holiday season
and a happy and prosperous
New Year!


Verse 6:

Season’s Greetings
Peace in the New Year


Verse 7:

Wishing you
a world of peace and happiness
now and throughout the
coming New Year!


Verse 8:

Season’s Greetings
from our House
to Yours


Verse 9:

We join with you in celebrating
the joys of this season of thanks,
and wish you a New Year of
peace and happiness


Verse 10:

We would like to sincerely thank all those
who have touched our lives this past year
look forward to our friendship
with you in the New Year


Verse 11:

May the light of Christmas
be with you
throughout the coming year


Verse 12:

We share our
warmest wishes for a holiday filled with joy
and a New Year of peace and happiness


Verse 13:

Wishing you every joy this holiday season
and throughout the New Year


Verse 14:

From all of us to all of you,
our wishes for a joyous holiday season
and a New Year of peace
and happiness


Verse 15:

We are sincerely grateful
for your friendship this past year,
wish you health, happiness and joy
in the New Year to come.


Verse 16:

May the joy of the holiday season
be with you
throughout the coming year


Verse 17:

Wishing you a Thanksgiving
filled with warmth, friendship
and all the joys of the season!


Verse 18:

Give thanks, be well
and enjoy
a peaceful and prosperous New Year


Verse 19:

Holiday Greetings
to you
and yours!


Verse 20:

to all the world
around us


Verse 21:

All of us join in sending our warmest holiday greetings,
and wish you a New Year of peace and prosperity!


Cardphile Standard Greeting Card Verses are available via the drop down menus when you are Personalizing your selected holiday card online. Of course, we send you a free proof when you place your order for corporate holiday cards and business Christmas cards by phone – and Thanksgiving cards too of course! Or, you can do it yourself right now online with our spiffy little design tool – just click the Personalize button once you’ve selected your greeting card design, your paper selection, and your quantity. You’ll see instructions in blue on the template you’ve selected, and you can just click “View pdf” from the top of the editor window to download a printable pdf file for review. We’ll be beefing up our selection of Christmas and New Year wishes so come back soon – and if you’re late in the season, be sure to browse our New Year’s Cards . We have a unique collection of designs for business and individuals!