LPC Ecole International Song Book

Copies of the LPC Ecole International Song Book and note cards with a selection of the illustrations are available for purchase here.illustrations from the LPC Songbook by artist Piet Luethi

This International Song Book contains 32 songs that have been sung at the Ecole d’Humanite (an international school in Switzerland) and at the Luethi-Peterson Camps (an organization of international summer camps for children that began in 1949) in many countries for generations.  They were chosen for their accessibility, diversity and easy introduction to harmony and we hope they will inspire singing in schools and community centers, clubs and camps, at festivals and gatherings of families and neighbors.  Many artists from within the LPC and Ecole communities have contributed illustrations (including an original drawing from Ed Koren, who created the LPC “Fuzzies”).

Creating the LPC / Ecole Song Book was the inspiration of Busy Graham, in collaboration with Carey Hoke, and was made possible by the generous support of Dick Graham and Audrey Schwarzbein.

We are deeply grateful to all the musicians and artists who contributed, and express our special thanks to Lydia Streit Machell, Linda Price, and Susie Sullivan who assisted with with completing the project.

3 illustrations from the lpc ecole international song book

Select illustrations from the Song Book & Note Cards include a collection of 5, above, by Piet Luethi.
Below, left to right: Michiel Blumenthal, Kate Lanxner, Ed Koren.