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Cardphile Holiday Cards—A True Customer Tale

Richard, a Cardphile customer since 1994, called up a few days ago to order his business holiday cards for 2013, and shared a great story with us.

Richard’s story:

After mailing my Cardphile holiday cards out one year, a customer called up and gave me three huge jobs that I was so thankful for. At the end of the conversation, I asked why he chose our firm for the jobs? My customer then replied, “Because you mailed me a holiday card.

TRUE STORY from Richard, in Glenview, Illinois! So when was the last time you invested $1.20 in your marketing budget to get a $5 million return?

customizable business holiday cards for engineers and architects
Customizable: for Architects & Engineers

We’ve heard this more than once from our customers, and when you think about it, it makes perfect sense. When was the last time receiving an e-card made you feel special? (Right, we didn’t think so.)

At Cardphile, we love designing and printing customized business holiday cards for architects and engineers. And we’re thrilled when we hear that they not only spread good cheer, but that they help your business’ bottom line too.

Thank you, Richard!

Do you have a Cardphile story to share?



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Architecture Christmas Cards—Cardphile Makes Them Yours!

Picky, picky, picky… That’s what you architects are. But at Cardphile, we don’t mind, because we are too!

And we do love designing Christmas cards for architects – after all, that’s where we started way back in 1989 (with the first six cards).

Some of you say “That card is perfect just the way it is.”  And we’re pretty happy when that happens.

Others, and you know who you are, say “Could you move that… line up just a smidge? Hmmm, how about down 1.5 millimeters… That’s good. Now, could you show it to us in a slightly more persimmony color? I have this paint chip I can send you, could you match this paint chip from our wall? Yes? Fantastic! I’ll overnight it to you so you’ll have it first thing in the morning.”

“And you know those little red and blue houses on the front of that card? Could you make them a nice, rich umber color and put our initials on them?”

Followed by… “It looks great now but, um, could you change that font back to Gill Sans after all?”

So if you’re looking for unusual and modern holiday cards for architects, give us a call and talk to a Cardphilean! Tell us what you’re looking for and we’ll give you solid advice on the most cost effective ways to customize our greetings and make them your own.

Not too hot. Not too cold… Just right!

mmmModernist 3501

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Construction Christmas Cards with a Cardphile Twist

Structural Steel Holiday Lift 3106
3106 Structural Steel Lift (customizable)

Is this your task today?

Shop for a construction holiday card that reflects your company’s industry and culture without breaking the bank.

If that’s the case, we’d love to help. And we might have a few ideas to help you send a unique holiday greeting card to clients you value—without blasting through the marketing budget.

Step 1: Find a greeting card company small enough to listen to your needs, and big enough to craft top quality greetings. (Ahem, if you’re reading this, you’ve already discovered that Cardphile greeting cards are the perfect solution to Step 1—our greeting cards never look like they came out of your office inkjet or photocopier…)

Step 2: Browse our construction Christmas cards and choose a design. Many of our holiday cards allow you to incorporate your company name and logo on the card front for no additional charge. And if you find one you’d like to modify, just do what this engineering & steel company did! (see below)

Step 3: Call Cardphile and say, “Hey, can you put our logo in that little red square thing on the front of card 3106?” For a few extra bucks, our designers will do all the work to incorporate your full color logo, AND send you a proof, AND send you another proof if you want to see it in a different color or scale…. until you’re thrilled with the results.

I Beam Christmas Tree Business Holiday Card with Custom Logo

Step 4: Ta-Da! You’ve got yourself a unique holiday greeting card that will stand out from all the rest. Now do the right thing, and make the time to sign them and maybe even write a note near the imprinted verse to let your clients know your message is genuine – it makes a difference!

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Industry Specific Business Holiday Cards For Engineers

What’s your industry? At Cardphile, we love a challenge and the more unusual the better. One of our long time customers, Robert, is in the acoustical engineering field. While he’s enjoyed sending Cardphile’s engineering themed Christmas cards to his clients for years, he had been bugging us a bit to design a new holiday card specifically for his industry. And when you ask nicely, we can’t resist.

Christmas card design for acoustical engineering
Keeping it Below 80dB

Although Robert had already placed his order early this year (to take advantage of our early bird holiday card discounts, by the way), one of our customer service specialists familiar with Robert’s plight collared a designer and asked him to come up with something special.

Voila, “Keeping it Below 80dB” was born! Robert was very happy with the results and so were we. And he’s now the first kid on his block with Cardphile’s new engineering holiday card for acoustical engineers! Robert inspired us and we certainly enjoyed the challenge of coming up with something memorable for such an important engineering specialty, and one which provides great environmental benefits for us all. “Have a Quiet Day,” as Robert likes to say!

What do you think? Do you have a niche industry in need of creative holiday greeting cards? Tell us what you need and we’ll do our best to deliver.

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OSHA Compliant Construction Holiday Cards!

3102 I-Beam-Happier!
Before and After We Fitted the Hook With a Safety Latch

At Cardphile, we’re big enough to get the job done right, but not so big we can’t listen and respond quickly to your feedback. Read our latest tale from the business holiday card front lines:

One of our early construction holiday card designs (I-Beam Happy) is a perennial favorite among those of you who have been ordering construction Christmas cards from Cardphile for many years. Strangely, it had disappeared from our website for awhile and when some of you complained about its absence and asked if it was still available, we popped it back onto the site. (If you have a favorite that you don’t see, by the way, just give us a call, it may still be available.)

It wasn’t long before a brand new customer called, in distress.

Their team really loved the design and felt it was the perfect construction greeting card to represent their company, BUT our hook was not OSHA compliant—OH NO!

  • Customer Service immediately sprinted to the art department (OK it’s only about 25 feet away), to see if we could fix the problem.
  • Our original, archived art files were quickly opened and reviewed.
  • OSHA Compliant safety hooks were researched.

And then,

  • Art Department people high-tailed it back to Customer Service:

Voila! We now offer what we believe is the very first, OSHA Compliant Construction Holiday Greeting Card for Architects, Engineers and Construction companies: AEC 3102 – OSHA Compliant I-Beam Happy! Or do you think we should call it, “I-Beam Happier?”

At Cardphile, “Safety is #1!” Well, right after listening to all of you, of course.

So, if you want to be sure your business Christmas cards are OSHA Compliant, just give us a call. We’re not only safe, but we use recycled and FSC certified papers, and our production facilities are 100% wind-powered!

Browse through our Construction, Engineering and Architectural Holiday Card Categories and let us know if you discover any other safety violations – we’ll fix them too!

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Custom Business Note Cards—Why Didn’t We Think of That?

Custom-Business-Holiday-CardsOne of Cardphile’s best selling business holiday cards this past year allowed you to share your holiday wishes while showing clients who you are and what you do.

Our Office Triptych design allows you to customize the design with three of your own photographs – and many of you went to town. Some of you included team photos, and some of you went for product photos, or pictures of your office. From there, Cardphile did the color correction, coordinated border colors based on photo color, added little seasonal touches & logos on request, and—Voila! Great, custom business holiday cards ensued that helped you promote your brand while spreading holiday cheer.

Well, from the category of “Why didn’t we think of that?” came a great request from Jennifer W. a couple of weeks ago:

Could we modify their custom Christmas cards by removing the seasonal design elements and text, so they could use it for business thank you cards and congratulation notes all year long?Well, of course we could – and what a smart idea for a couple of reasons:

First, they had already invested a little bit of time and money in finding photos and setting up the original design, and we were more than happy to make the minor design changes that Jennifer was requesting for no charge at all.

Customizable Thank You Cards for Your Business Communications
Your Photos, Your Personalization

Second, keeping the original photos, while modifying other elements of the design, allowed them to continue to spotlight their brand and find ways to re-connect with clients and prospects throughout the year.

Developing a consistent brand image for all your business greetings is a great idea, and Jennifer gets the credit for this one! (We have a little thank you gift headed your way, Jennifer – hope you enjoy 😉

What have you learned from your customers so far this year?

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5 Reasons to Send Real Paper Greeting Cards to Clients

Printed Cards Instead of E-Cards
Printed Holiday Cards Make a More Substantial Impression Than E-Cards
  1. e-Cards are known virus carriers and therefore filtered by most business email servers—they don’t even reach the inbox of many of your customers and vendors.
  2. When was the last time you “deleted” a real greeting card you received in the mail, without even opening it?
  3. Contrast: While your competition may be sending ” e-Greeting Cards” to express their appreciation… your traditional, personalized holiday greeting cards clearly demonstrate the greater value you place on the relationship.
  4. Deeper personal connections lead to stronger business relationships; and Paper leaves a deeper emotional footprint than digital. (see the data below)
  5. Cardphile’s Corporate Holiday Cards are designed and printed in the US, using only FSC certified papers and recycled content up to 100%. We also made the choice, well over 6 years ago, to source all of the power for our design & production facilities from 100% clean wind power farms in Oregon—we’ve been “green” since before it was fashionable!

The Details:

One of our long time customers, a mid sized architectural design build firm, asked us recently whether they should try sending e-Cards to their clients in place of real paper holiday greeting cards, and whether Cardphile could supply them.

So we were completely thrilled to be able to share this great article we just discovered: Paper leaves a deeper emotional footprint than digital.

It includes a link to an interesting case study by Millward Brown, a UK marketing firm, detailing their research. Guess what?  “real” printed media generates more emotion than virtual, thereby leading to more positive brand association.

So if you’re really serious about building good relationships with your clients, vendors, and prospects, don’t fill their in boxes with more emails to file. Instead, create a lasting, and enjoyable, impression by mailing them a high quality, unique, and personalized holiday greeting card.

Whether you’re looking for construction law greeting cards, holiday cards for architects, or just really interesting custom Christmas cards for business, we love to help your message stand out.

At Cardphile, every single design we make can be personalized with your thoughtfully written holiday greeting for free. Create even more of a lasting impression when you include your full color logo or printed signatures. And if you’re looking for custom holiday cards, we do that too!

Your overall marketing program should include personalized corporate holiday cards for your clients and vendors. Cardphile has 100’s of unique & non-denominational holiday greeting card designs, suitable for recipients of any faith, so you can express your best wishes to all.

People remember, paper—not pixels!